Nick Cannon Fired For Stating “Black People Are the True Hebrew Israelites”

Nick Cannon Fired For Stating “Black People Are the True Hebrew Israelites”

Nick Cannon was fired from Jewish owned Viacom after appearing on a podcast with Professor Griff. Cannon made statements “Blacks are the true Hebrew Israelites.” He further stated the Jewish ownership of the media and strong foothold in banking. The question is:  Is it antisemitic to state Blacks are the true Hebrew Israelites?”  Is calling someone an imposter the same as being antisemitic. The same thing happened to DeSean Jackson but his faux-pa was including Hitler as a source.



It is classically accepted a European people converted to Judaism in medieval times. DNA test also prove the matriarchs of Jewish Europeans is from Europe. Not Africa where Israel was mapped prior to European invasion. Remember Herodotus (the father of Greek history) in 3 BC was an eyewitness to ancient Egypt and he said he could not tell the difference between and Egyptian, Ethiopian,  or an Israelite! Meaning Israelites look more African than European.

Just bringing up these historical facts will be labeled antisemitic but this is nothing more than a defensive position without addressing the facts.  It is a fact Jewish involvement in rap music put gangster rap on the map. This Jewish production glorified gangster rap, misogyny, and violence.  Yet, there was no outcry from the Jewish community as being anti-Black. Can you say double standard? 

Cannon went on to state the Jewish control of the banking system and he mentioned the Rothschild family. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was a German Jewish banker and the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Referred to as a “founding father of international finance,” Mayor Amschel is known for saying “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.” The Rothschild were powerful in the 18th century and funded the losers and the winners of all wars since the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815.

How is it antisemitic to tell the truth supported by facts? For instance if I state Columbus did not discover America, is that anti-Columbus? This is a question of identity and to challenge the identity of a people is not antisemitic. In fact, what ViacomCBS did was to slander Nick Cannon. I believe Cannon has a legal case because he can provide evidence Blacks are the original Israelite.

Blacks being the true Israelites is trending and last week DeSean Jackson stated the same point. I hope Cannon reviews his legal options and teaches those who oppose the truth and use the label of antisemitic as a weapon for silence. What people do not understand is the curse of Blacks is lifted and the Most High is now working in their interest. And with that being said . . . best of luck world.

This reminds me of when Arsenio Hall lost his talk show for having Farrakhan as a guest.

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