Shooting on Texas College: Same Ole Death Stars

Shooting on Texas College: Same Ole Death Stars

Yet another educational institution is damned with another shooting and this time it is Lone Star College in Texas.  Initial reports are police were alerted around 12:30 pm and two students were shot in the crossfire. Police were able to apprehend one of the suspected shooters alive and taken into custody. Two wounded people have been taken to surgery at Ben Taub Hospital and are in serious condition.  A second shooter fled the campus, and the police have the area on lock-down.  A fourth person suffered a heart attack, according to the federal law enforcement source.

“LSC-North Harris is locked down,” the alert read. “Students, faculty and staff are advised to take immediate shelter where you are. Do not enter the campus until notified further.”

A female student told KTRK-TV she heard five shots fired in an area between the library and the cafeteria. Other students say they heard gunshots when they were in cafeteria.  The college has evacuated the school and have updated their website to warn people to stay away.  It is unknown if they also have a text based warning system for the students.

Star-gate alignment with Lupas rising, the constellation for blood sacrifice.

We took the liberty of analyzing the star-patterns over Houston, TX around the time of the shootings. If you have been following the stories and theory here take a wild guess at the star-pattern.  Yes, again with the same star-pattern for the Aurora, Newtown, Narrows (averted), and now Houston.  Honestly, I am not shocked anymore and if I were the police I would beef up my police force around this time. 

Other school massacres with star-gate alignment with Lupas rising, the constellation for blood sacrifice.

I do feel this is not like the other horrific school massacres and it is just a typical shoot out. I do not have the sense this should be in the same class as the others. Once the police investigate they will find out this was a beef between two people. This time it might really be a coincidence this reoccurring star configuration was present. Time will tell.

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