God Like Productions Bans Revelation Now

God Like Productions Bans Revelation Now

Late last evening I attempted to access godlikeproductions.com (GLP) only to learn my I.P. address was banned. I submitted a request to reinstate my privileges and RevelationNow.net is still banned this morning. I have grown suspicious of  GLP after posting my theory on Super Bowl 47’s Halftime Show with Beyonce.  You see we predicted the Halftime Show would incorporate recurring themes of the Bull (Taurus – from the Old Testament) throughout the “show.” We believed there was a direct relationship between star constellations and the Galactic Plane and the occult ritual headed up by Beyonce.

After the Super Bowl Halftime performance we PROVED the bull motif was peppered throughout the performance. We provided a detailed narrative and screen shots of the bull and Taurus symbols.  Stories of importance are pinned on GLP to post at the top. This is like a top 20 forum list. Not once was this story pinned. In fact it hardly generated much attention at all. Let’s recap why this story should have been pinned. 

We PROVED these Super Bowl Halftime Shows have a dual purpose. They dazzle the crowds with the artist and fire/light shows while deeply nested in the show is an occult ritual.  You are seeing sorcery and witchcraft before your ignorant eyes. Why else are you not told of the secret ritual nested in the “show?”  This was not a “pinnable” topic to the admins at GLP? Why not?

It appears this was a major discovery in unlocking occult activity and who the actual witches are in the scheme of things. Alas, we even pinpointed the stars the witches needed overhead to perform their ritual.  To our knowledge this has never before been uncovered yet a self proclaimed conspiracy site not only decided not to pin the story but to BAN the writer from their site!

I submit, to you because of the Spiritual nature and Biblical references RevelationNow.net was silenced on  GLP.  This is censorship at GLP where many of the users bemoan Constitutional Rights and Freedom of Speech.  GLP keeps you distracted with silly little forum post and avoids the topics with major implications for our souls.  Who is really running this website? I have always been respectful to the most rude and vile comments.  Why silence me now?

The Most High is certainly not held in high regard on this site. Is not the ultimate conspiracy decoding the war between The Most High and Satan? Not on GLP! They are more concerned with the Galactic Federation or a cat that can play piano. These are the type of forum post the admins pin at GLP.  When not just circumstantial but physical evidence is presented it is devalued and ultimately banned.

I can not tell you enough how disappointed I am with GLP because in the end it appears to be some type of dis-info site. Keep you distracted and away from the reality of The Most High.  By proving witches and satanist are performing secretive rituals in plain sight, PROVES they BELIEVE and KNOW Satan. Does this not prove The Most High is real?

In closing, if you believe in Jesus Christ and accept the fact we are in a Spiritual War LEAVE GLP. This site is not of The Most High’s Kingdom and there is something very wrong with it. To ban the writer who has proven how the elite are manipulating us to worship Satan and support sorcery is quite telling. Spread the word to any and to all who can hear this message. Come out of her my people — come out of her.

PS: Remember to read the Super Bowl Prediction and Beyonce’s Halftime Show. This is the reason for the ban! You must read it and share it. This is an attempt to suppress the stories. Share them now before it is too late!

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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