Holographic Technology Used On TV People?

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The purpose of this post is to address the phenomenon popularized by the definition “shape-shifting” and address a plausible connection to holographic technology. It is commonly understood by the time the beginning stages of a new technology, medical advancement, or scientific invention is announced to the general public; it has already been perfected. I believe many people are on to something regarding bizarre zebra-esque pixelations cloaking the face and bodies of television personalities — except it is not shapeshifting. I believe it is very close to “Phase-Shifting Dynamic Holographic Interferometry Using Photorefractive Recording Media” with the difference being the person is the media.  

Let’s set up the well captured scenario: you are watching the television and person suddenly just their face and body becomes covered in strange zebra like patterns; nothing else in the frame has this phenomenon. Even another person could walk behind the zebra-esque plagued television personalities and they look perfectly unblemished. As a result, the blog0sphere is buzzing with reptilian shape-shifting theories. The question is: could there be a holographic technology match and the answer is yes. Many people will see the connection to what you are about to see.

The premise for this holographic technology to work would require the person to be coated in a very fine crystalline substance. It could be administered as a cream and easily spread over all exposed flesh. This crystalline coat will act as the canvass for the projected hologram. The fine crystals would allow for light and frequency to oscillate over and in the crystalline substance, giving the person the ability to reflect whatever is beamed into the crystals. Obviously, holding the illusion over long periods of time will be necessary and crystals are the perfect mechanism. 

Below you will see several examples of actors, artist, politicians, television personalities, and entertainers all exhibiting this strange zebra-esque pattern. I am sure many professionals in the television industry will have a believable explanation for this phenomenon but what are the chances it would resemble a vital component of holographic technology? This is what we must explore in order to fully define the plausibility of holographic technology used on subjects in television. Why would a person’s image need to be changed at all?  If this is true, there must be something the general public is not supposed to see!

I will attempt to keep the technology, as I understand it, in layman’s terms so as to not to confuse without too much technology jargon. Now again I would like to reiterate the technology we are reviewing is not the perfect match but it is suitable enough to establish the plausibility of this being using on a person. One of the key components of the holographic technology is the projection and unfortunately I can only offer conjecture as to the methodology. As I said before it is easy to cover a person in a fine cream based crystalline substance, turning them into a walking blank canvas.  

Looking at the illustration above you can see the object (person) can have a hologram beamed through the crystals diffracting the true image into whatever image is desired. This shows us two separate images can be interlaced into one cohesive image. The observer would be none the wiser to the true cloaked image.  Cultural behaviors are the perfect hindrance to closer inspections of holographically cloaked people. It is not like you will walk up to an adult and squeeze their cheeks like the cutest baby you have ever seen.

The next connection to holographic technology and this bizarre zebra-esque phenomenon with television personalities is known as the vibrating clamp plate. You will notice similar patterns manifesting over the televised subjects. How is it possible the these people have this same very similar effect all over their bodies? What you are seeing is a vibratory pattern, which is necessary for the holographic,  to synchronize and map over the crystalline structures. What we have learned is this same vibratory pattern is shared by the television personalities.

Dynamic holographic interferometry using BSO photorefractive crystals allows:

• High resolution phase maps
• Video-rate visualization
• Post-processing of transient events
• Application to diffuse scatterers
• Application to phase-objects

As you can see there is a pattern match with the vibratory clamp holographic technology and the video disruption of the people on the television. Could it be true disruption of the video because of technical glitches? Yes, it is possible but it also closely resembles the vibratory clamp patterns as well. My point is to show you it is not far-fetched nor reaching to show a correlation between the two plausible conclusions. The frequency based element of broadcasting the image onto subject could be affected by other frequencies in the airwaves. This would be another uncontrollable variable of frequency phased image projection but possibly self correcting.

In closing you can see there are existing holographic technologies which can be applied to a subject. It is plausible any object or material covered in a fine crystalline coating can be turned into a target for holographic projection. If the field of a person has an image beamed onto it, the image can be changed. This would allow for an illusion to be received by the observer. Perhaps, we should open our minds to the possibility this is exactly what these glitches represent. There is a great deception in the last days and this technology is certainly deceiving.

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  • IThinkso

    … or new video photo shop technology?

    • RevelationWatcher

      Lots of other video cases like this. Just search YouTube. I did not add them all because there were too many!

  • RevelationWatcher

  • Rui

    The director of Scanner Darkly is another puppet in the elite’s hands that try to deceive people. I remember watching another two movies from him; in Slacker he’s mocking at “conspiracy theorists” and in “Waking Life” he’s spreading new age bullshit philosophy.
    I’m starting to think that all this shape-shifting is a prelude to what the Mark of the Beast is going to make to those who accepted it. I’ve seen some stuff on internet about the possibility of the implanted chip could “trigger” a third helix on our DNA and change our image away from the image that God created us.
    This third helix on DNA also makes me think about other things: maybe when Adam fell, that was reflected in our DNA and he lost the third helix that connected him to God’s glory body. And another thing, by the Rapture, in one moment we will be transformed, in a blink of an eye!, to the real image of our Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe He also share his blood so we can get His information, because life is in the blood.
    Sorry if my comment is confuse and without sources, I might search on the web to see if I find the stuff that I’ve read. But most of this are insights, it’s me trying to connect dots, sometimes dreaming more than reasoning!

    As for you, keep up the good work!
    God Bless You Michael

    • Rui

      Hi again!

      As for Scanner Darkly, I’m not sure if the technique they used as anything to do with hologram and crystalline cream. I think they used a technique called Rotoscoping, which is basically painting frame by frame.

      • RevelationWatcher

        Hey Rui,

        I do not think the used the technology in the actual movie. Of course they used special effects but it does show the application of the holographic premise. The hoody worn be Keanu used a flexible circuitry to create the illusion of someone else. What I am submitting is based on already in use technology with an application to embed the crystals directly on the skin and in the pores. I think the movie is a great illustration of what is possible.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Thanks Rui! I am actually watching the movie right now. I missed this gem. We have to keep doing what you are doing; being aware and thinking outside of the cube. You are correct with the DNA element and the blood. The Life IS in the blood as Steve Quayle mentioned one day. I appreciate you too!

      Peace be with you,


  • Hi Michael! I have to defend Robert and say that I’m a fan and not totally convinced he’s all on board for the NWO agenda. I follow him on the net and know a few things about him that he’s revealed in interviews and other articles written about him.

    1. His experience with Big Hollywood and the Twilight movies left him a little disenchanted. Since then he’s only been signing contracts with independent films. In other words, no long term contracts with Hollywood movie companies that keep him a slave to their system for decades. (Think Judy Garland.)

    2. A short time back Robert was listed as a First Responder with International Medical Corps (which is sponsored by Globalists) for an award ceremony honoring Hillary Clinton among others. (I’m well aware of her role in bringing about the NWO.) Well, at this point I said I’ll have to wait and see if he goes. If he does and supports her then I would have to believe he’s part of that agenda. Time past and the pictures never surfaced of him being there so I checked the net and found out he didn’t attend. I don’t know the man so I can’t say for sure his reason why he didn’t attend. But a family member and I theorize that he has some sense in his head.

    Anyway, I’m not totally convinced that every film with shape-shifting is authentic shape-shifting. Some probably are but it seems to me it’s the technology that causes that in most cases. Notice that when he swiped his hand across his face it cleared up immediately?

    Another thing I found out in a photography book was that reality is curved (think Einstein’s theory). When a photograph has a curve to it (like a orb or something) this shows that the lens did capture reality of the universe. It’s our brains that interprets a curved universe into a flat universe and it’s called perception.

    My point is that the lens doesn’t lie but we also see what we want to see. If you didn’t know, I do photographic manipulations for a hobby. Yes, of Robert Pattinson and some have come out so authentic they look real when they are really fakes. (For instance, the avatar associated with my Disqus account is only Robert’s face. The body is someone elses. Same for my face.)

    As for the technology you are talking about I’ve never heard of it before so I can’t comment about it. But nothing surprises me anymore.

    I saw the Scanner Darkly movie too. It’s creepy that technology is probably really moving in that direction. I forgot what it’s called but I have seen that suit that can camouflage a person so well they become invisible.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Lisa,

      I am just more interested in the pattern match of the vibratory circular plate and the signature on the people captured. Even if it was a fake what are the chances someone faked the underlying holographic pattern? I am more interested in the technology behind the serpent race. Of course this is just a theory but by showing relationships of what is seen and not seen builds an interesting case. I am to the point now I will provide my own films and this way I will know of the authenticity. I took pictures of Joel Osteen one night on the television because his eyes did not look human. I wondered if it was the TV or angle. Even my kids could see his eyes were strange. Just saying this to share the TV was not Photoshopped (is that even a verb?).

      • I don’t mean that they are all faked. Maybe some are maybe not. I wouldn’t know. This is hardly my area. Is there some “trick” I can do with camera and catch someone shapeshifiting?

        • RevelationWatcher

          I just watch the propaganda channels now and I see them pretty regularly. By that I mean the eyes…