Weather Wars of the Most High

Weather Wars of the Most High

Many people are so wrapped up in chasing every newsworthy current event while splashing the Blood of Christ on it, they are missing out on the prophecy. It is unfolding before our very eyes and you need a comprehensive news experience to keep track it. What the scientific establishment labeled as “global warming” was labeled the “beginning of the sorrows” in the ancient times. The divinely inspired men spoke of roaring seas, destructive winds, and great earthquakes. 

Furthermore, they designated the time when people would experience this unpredictable and destructive weather as the “last days.” Although, the Bible calls them the beginning of the sorrows the Book of Enoch was inspired for the end times. Both of their scriptures refer to destructive weather which will appear unprecedented. In fact, the Bible speaks of an earthquake that with shake the entire earth and not just a particular continent.

Book of Enoch

76.4  Through four of them come winds of blessing and peace. And from the other eight come winds of punishment; when they are sent they bring devastation to the whole Earth, and to the water which is on it, and to all those who dwell upon it, and to everything that is in the water and on dry ground.

One of the least discussed prophetic scripture is from the Book of Enoch regarding “global warming.” Enoch speaks of ships being tossed around by the wind and seas. What is very interesting is Enoch refers to the winds as being used as punishment to the Earth. This shows a natural relationship between the collective behavior of mankind causing the very weather we are experiencing now! It is because the collective masses do not believe in the Most High things will get a lot worse. In other words, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

We must understand all of this weather is controlled by the Most High and not all weather anomalies can be attributed to HAARP. We can continue to pontificate on all of the technology controlled by the elite and secret government but none of them compare to the will of the Most High. So what is the solution? We were given an escape clause that stated in the Bible.

Luke 31:36

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

We are told to “pray” we are accounted worthy and this sounds like a case of the squeaky wheel gets the oil. We will be given a hedge a protection from all of the destruction earmarked for this corrupt earth. If the earth is conscious and in a relationship with her Creator she must sense she is being destroyed. How much oil can be sucked out of her body? How much of her flesh can be fracked away?

The liberal attitudes and laws of the political power structure in America have set her up to fall. The earthquakes will continue with greater intensity in diverse places and we can expect tornado/hurricane season to be record setting. It is ashame powerful men do not believe the Most High does not exist. He is showing those of us who see the truth of his wrath. At the end of the day, pray you are found worthy to escape all of these things.

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