President Trump: The Pharaoh With A Hardened Heart

President Trump: The Pharaoh With A Hardened Heart

The world is under judgement and America is one of the nations in His cross-hairs. When the Most High judges a nation He also judges the leadership. In this case President Trump is under judgement and because of his hardened heart he is oblivious to this spiritual reality. President Trump is so out of touch with spirit (as must be his spiritual advisors) he is unable to connect the prophetic dots.

The Most High sent plagues at nations including America. Covid 19 is shutting the American economy down for a second time much to the chagrin of President Trump. Bubonic plague just popped up in Colorado via a squirrel. There is a “rabbit Ebola”, across seven states in the southwest, thousands of wild and domestic rabbits are dying from a rare outbreak of a highly contagious disease known as rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV2). I say this because 2 Esdras 16 clearly states plague(s) will be sent to America.



There is also a connection with President Trump’s attempts to jettison the plague away as nothing, but fake news. This is the same hubris Pharaoh Ramsey is infamous for against the Chosen People in the Old Testament. I see a connection here because in 2019 the curse of the Chosen People was lifted. Since then we have witnessed so much positive change for the descendants of slavery in America. Programs for reparations are frequently being announced domestically and internationally via the news media.


“But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and though I multiply my signs and wonders in Egypt.” — Exodus 7:3


America is the hold out and President Trump has said no to reparations as well as many other senators. If the curse on the Chosen People has lifted it means they are now under the hedge of protection of the Most High. Through the first five plagues in the Book of Exodus the Pharaoh had a hardened heart. Are we not seeing this exact same behavior with President Trump? 

The news media announced Covid 19 clinical data will no longer be sent to the Center of Disease Control but directly to the White House. We have a President that has replaced trained medical and science professionals in an attempt to save his presidency! Hearts do not get any harder than that! Yes, I am aware some say Covid 19 is a hoax or the infection/death rate numbers are padded.



All this is doing is giving the Most High the opportunity to ratchet up the numbers on His next plague. Right now He is causing economic destruction to America and President Trump will make it worse. Politics and science are distinctly different sciences bastardizing them is a mistake. We can all agree as Americans we have never seen the White House trump (no pun intended) the very scientific experts evaluating science.

It is also possible the Most High has hardened the heart of President Trump. So much so he cannot see the forest for the trees. Nonchalantly dismissing reparations will come with spiritual consequences, such as, more plagues, fires, floods, and earthquakes, etc. I believe hardening the heart to His Chosen People will cause retribution that will culminate into a major event. We have entered into the Tribulation and things are going to get increasingly Orwellian; as hearts hardened against the Most High, His people, and His Chosen People.



This is a dangerous time for America because our “Pharaoh” has a hardened heart and he is desperate to complete a second term. President Trump is also out of touch with reality at times, as well. When a reporter asked him about Black Lives Matter his response was, “White people get killed by the police, too. More White people are killed by the police.” This is the false dichotomy presented by many people who do not understand the statics or they have no interest in knowing the facts.


22 Years of Unarmed Black Men Killed by Police


This is obviously President Trump’s mindset because even the publications covering his response understand and it is not the volume that is troubling, but the frequency. There are 30 million more White people in America than Blacks and of course all stats will lead with Whites. Blacks have 3+ times the occurrence of being killed during the arrest process than Whites. I have seen videos where many times the Blacks are resisting arrest and many times excessive force is used leading to death.

I have witnessed (all Whites) mass-murders in school, church, and movie theater shootings get taken into custody without any violence from law enforcement. The news media has presented case after case of Black males running for the lives all shot to death from behind. This is a problem that needs to be reformed and President Trump glossed over it using a false dichotomy. It is obvious to me President Trump has a hardened heart and America will feel a greater wrath as a result.


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