Why Avenger’s 2 – “Age of Ultron” Stinks Like Stank on a Monkey!

Why Avenger’s 2 – “Age of Ultron” Stinks Like Stank on a Monkey!

Warning: NERD Alert! I come from the generation when comic books were fifty cents a copy. It is exciting to see the characters come to the silver screen. I watched “The Avengers” more than ten times because I am raising three boys and it goes with the territory. After seeing their latest installment from a techie perspective I was sorely disappointed.

The whole premise of the villain, “Ultron” is artificial intelligence running amuck with homicidal tendencies. This should have never happened! If you hate hearing computer nerd talk please evacuate the post now. First, of all in the software world of development there will be four servers in the software development lifecycle. This means four separate homes . . . think of them as houses.

Why “The Avengers 2” sucks . . . sorry, but this guy is right!

Some of these houses can be in a gated community where there is one way in and not Internet accessible. The first server will be the development server. This is where Ultron would have started out while Jarvis was already living in the production server. They cannot even see each other in this configuration. Once Ultron is completely developed he would be migrated to the quality assurance server.

Once the quality assurance is complete Ultron would be migrated to the test server. This is where Ultron would have met Jarvis for the first time. This server environment mimics the production environment in terms of hardware and software. It is also the server where users will test and evaluate the program.

This is where Ultron would have attacked and attempted to kill the Jarvis program. He would have been discovered as a viral program and he would not have access to the domain where the production server is housed. It did not make sense that Bruce Banner learns of Ultron from Tony Stark and then jumps right to production.

Their demeanor as “scientist” in this scene was lackadaisical and devoid of any scientific computer protocols; which are industry standards. As scientist breaking new ground into artificial intelligence there would be an undercurrent of trepidation. This was not evident as Tony and Bruce decide to party instead of monitoring the birth of a new artificial intelligence. None of it made sense to me!

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