Paul McGuire Accused of Having No Physical “Church” . . . Only a MAILBOX!

Paul McGuire Accused of Having No Physical “Church” . . . Only a MAILBOX!

Sometimes the small websites or the least known are bringing true journalism with courage and valid investigative research. Also, known as “due diligence” or vetting a scenario. This involves taking the initiative to validate facts from Federal and State sources. This is how pure journalism should operate yet we are living in a time when people: read, believe, and share without vetting.



This means validating what is printed by your own research. This is why so many people are misled and waste valuable personal growth time; when your personal objective should be spiritual cultivation. Not focusing on Doom’s Day prophecy which should not apply to you if you have your spiritual ducks in a row. Many of these so-called “watchmen” are teaching you with the Fear Gospel.


Let’s head for the hills!


Did Christ ever scare anyone into following Him? Did he focus on doom prophecy? He was trying to teach us to cultivate ourselves spiritually by following His ways. I looked down the barrel of a gun twice in my life. Once my lady was with me and I did not flinch because deep down inside I knew The Most High has got this. I had no fear because I am following His teachings.

There appears to be a fascination from the general Christian populace with death as opposed to living. This causes spiritual atrophy which leads to a hive mentality where the people do not realize they are stuck in the mud. There was a steep learning curve for the people closest with the Christ . . . the Disciples. Did they focus on doom and gloom? Why not? Because there is no place for fear when you access to great Power . . . even death.

The problem is most people have quit on the notion they can do greater things than they can imagine. They have placed their trust in men as opposed to studying to show themselves approved. Christ showed us as a living example of all that is possible in human form! Yet, many people have attached their wagon to the debilitating Fear Gospel. You know them from their responses and how they behave antichrist. This is their mentality and proof of their spiritual condition.



Regardless, of how these people passionately espouse their love for Christ; if your heart is polluted with fear, hatred, and self-centeredness you are not moving higher… sorry, that is impossible spiritually. There is a dynamic at play here from the mentality of the doctrines peddled by the modern day money changers in the Temple. The Prosperity Gospels yield a thought paradigm where people believe they should all be Fresh Princes of Bel Air.

While the Fear Gospel teaches you to protect your physical self with physical solutions (get ready) and these physical solutions are sold to you by the peddlers of the Fear Gospel. They all stick together and you can hear it as they gush on the air about how holy they are. With all this being said, let us move on to the allegations against Paul McGuire by the website, “Tracking the leopard Meroz.”


We have been holding meetings at a local church, but we have decided not to promote the name of that church to the general public. – Paul McGuire


According to the investigation from “Tracking the leopard Meroz” there is no local church . . . it does not exist. There are other troubling statements made by “Tracking the leopard Meroz” which claim Paul McGuire ordained himself Senior Pastor! This should not be a shocker because most if not all of these “watchmen” appointed themselves! These men claim they have a direct line to The Most High and He tells them things. In the Bible when the Most High tells you things He sends an angel or something supernatural occurs.



Finally, the only true physical address for Paul McGuire’s church is a UPS store. This is his mailbox where he receives donations for his church. “Tracking the leopard Meroz” has presented compelling research including physical evidence which can be retraced by anyone. It appears birds of a feather truly flock together because many of Paul McGuire’s associates have steered their listeners from traditional churches to alternative Internet churches . . . theirs



In closing, “”Tracking the leopard Meroz” is not a well known site but clearly investigates to bring facts to the table. Anyone promoting the Fear Gospel does so in order to make money. What is the purpose of becoming experts on Biblical doom when there is dire need for personal spiritual cultivation? If you are not pushing life forward and sustaining life out of love then you are antichrist. These days the only church I truly trust is Church’s Chicken.

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