Shemitah Flakes: Prophetic September Doom Duds

Shemitah Flakes: Prophetic September Doom Duds

If you didn’t know the Shemitah year ended today in Jerusalem, Israel at 11:48 AM at the blowing of a shofar horn.  Jonathan Cahn, John Hagee, and Mark Blitz (I will leave out all of the other alternative news personalities who do not need a Shemitah to predict never ending doom.) place their spiritual leader and gifting reputation on the line when they promoted horrific life changing events will happen in America and Israel. Well, the shofar horn has blown and I am sure they will back peddle to Nineveh as the reason nothing happened.


“Mystery of the Shemitah,” warns, “Everything is converging around this time (which is based on 7 year cycles).  I believe we need to be ready, and that’s why I believe I had to write the ‘Mystery of the Shemitah.’  I believe a great shaking is coming.

Johnathan Cahn


Yes, Mr. Cahn, the “great shaking” already happened when people purchased this prophetic dud. The cows utters are sore and there is no more milk in this failed prophecy. This was nothing more than Y2K and December 21, 2012, wrapped up in a new package. Hagee and Blitz helped sell “Shemitah Flakes” and their followers gobbled up the sugary distraction.



These men promote themselves as living vessels of the Word of the Most High and prophetic soothsayers; but this failed Shemitah September doom fail has shown their true colors . . . businessmen. What is the next best seller next to sex? If you guessed fear then you are correct. This is quasi: religious, financial, sci-fi, entertainment at its best. These men have enriched themselves off of this type of entertainment.



Cahn has found a way to be an author and must sell catchy sensationalized books on prophecy. These books need to sell and what sells again behind sex? A fear based book to build upon existing fear. This psychological technique feeds into people’s fear for their own survival. Cahn wants us to believe the Most High has an interest in the American economy. An economy created by corrupt men who have been linked to criminal activities and occult rituals. The same people John F.Kennedy warned us about before his murder. {Listen here}



Instead of teaching people how to grow spiritually and focus on spiritual cultivation he promotes fear. It always amuses me when I see extreme preppers because your home is now nothing more than a grocery store for the military. You see IF martial law was ever declared the Constitution would be suspended and the military could legally take your supplies to feed the Army.

If Cahn is going to teach you anything it should be how to kill, skin, and preserve the meat of a deer kill. You would get more out of that!  Cahn, has now joined the company of thousands of other religious writers with failed prophetic predictions. There is nothing more to say except let us see the damage control begin. There will be another book coming and he must validate why it did not happen. Enjoy your Frosted Shemitah Flakes.

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