DEV50 Digital Binoculars with Full HD 3D Recording

DEV50 Digital Binoculars with Full HD 3D Recording

Who isn’t tired of blurry or fuzzy pictures of UFO or out of focus strange looking creatures popping up on YouTube? If these amatuer videographers had the DEVFO Digital Binoculars they would not only be watching video in high definition but 3D! If you are a sky watcher, outdoorsman, or bird watcher, you will be armed with powerful digital recording binoculars that are: splash proof, optical steady shot active mode ready and 12x zoom.



I have always been a proponent of quality equipment (you have to buy once) and the $1,999 price tag for the digital binoculars is a reflection of this quality. The only barrier to using these digital binoculars is your imagination. If the price tag scares you then save up for this powerhouse because integrated with 3D technology makes these a must have in the field.

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