DMT Destroys the Theory of Evolution and PROVES an AFTERLIFE

DMT Destroys the Theory of Evolution and PROVES an AFTERLIFE

Dimethyltryptamine otherwise known as DMT is a molecule throughout the plant kingdom, including the human body and metabolized through the human body prior to dreaming and death. South American cultures became brewmasters of ayahuasca which is the ultimate DMT carrier and is forever engrained in their cultural shaman legacy. It is here their shaman paradigm proves the existence of another universe which can only be reached by leaving the human body behind.



DMT is a premise evolutionist can never touch because it is a universe which is too complex to have originated from nothingness. As a culture we have slowly matured into our understanding that afterlife experiences are in fact independent of brain function. We can thank neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander, for his death experience and the medical documentation which proved the parts of his brain responsible for dreaming and consciousness were non functioning; while he was clinically considered brain dead.



DMT transports the human consciousness into a realm teeming with: life, architecture, mechanics, emotion, and conscious growth. The Theory of Evolution is predicated on a physical explanation for life devoid of intelligent design. While the DMT realm is nothing but intelligent design devoid of the physical. You cannot arrive to the DMT realm with a physical body and it is only through metabolizing DMT into the brain barrier you enter the DMT realm.

There is great speculation if DMT is even released when we dream or die in scientific circles; however, South American and Mesoamerican cultures will tell you otherwise. These cultures were aware of all of the planets without using scientific instruments. Leaving the human body allowed these shaman to diagnose sickness within other people’s bodies. Western scientist are just returning to DMT using clinical studies only to learn everyone has a common experience each time.

This common experience is they leave their bodies and arrive in an astonishing universe where their own consciousness is the vehicle. There is a feeling of great peace and love where inner demons are released. They experience winged beings, beings made of light, conscious balls of light they interact with. Evolutionist cannot touch this universe with a ten foot pole because it is a world the transcends the physical. How can the “Big Bang” explain a non-physical world which does not rely on matter for creation?



DMT users have learned the spiritual universe is more advanced and complex than our universe. It proves there is another reality which does not require the physical body where consciousness itself is the vehicle for further soul evolution. From a Biblical perspective eternal life is promised no matter what. Albeit, the duality is one of love and communion with the Father’s Kingdom while the other is damnation in a realm known as Hell. Nonetheless, in spirit life IS eternal.

If the western world comprehensively understood there IS life after death then behaviors would change. No longer could the elite control the masses with fear because there is no death. In fact, the afterlife is so spectacular DMT users are hard pressed to find the human words to describe it. The most dangerous movement with the potential to change the hearts and minds of western culture is the application of DMT.

Many atheist would have to come to terms with the fact there IS something else AFTER death. Many questions arrive after this realization like: Where did this DMT world come from? Who created this world? Did an afterlife world just create itself out of chaos? If anything, humans should know we are quite a complex creation who transcends the laws of cellular degeneration and decay.



DMT shows us we are in fact more like the caterpillar who essentially destroys its body only to reassemble itself to become an entire new creation . . . with a whole new set of abilities. Christ came to demonstrate this Truth by being ruthlessly tortured, maimed, and disfigured only to reemerge from death in spirit. Where He had the ability to oscillate between physical matter and spirit at will. I am sure when He left our earthly realm He switched to spirit and He will stay in this state until His prophesied return.

We have these same capabilities and many who have experienced near-death-experience (NDE) have testified to this reality. DMT users are now garnering attention where they to attest to the fact there is another world which does not require a human body. Many of the South American cultures and Mesoamerican architecture baffled modern day scientist as to how stones (with serious tonnage) were cut with laser precision and stacked hundreds of feet high.



Perhaps, these very cultures attended the afterlife schools and were taught by the very beings experienced by modern day DMT users. The Bible informs us and the most least explored narratives in the Bible is our human battle is not against flesh and blood, but spiritual beings. Ephesians 6:12, clearly states there are spiritual beings in dark places and they are the true architects of human pain, suffering, and failures.


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. - (Ephesians 6:12)


Ironically, most of the blogosphere and the alternative news structures focus on physical issues while attempting to attach spiritual narratives around them. When in essence reality is the opposite of this. Our true reality is driven from spirit and the atmosphere is teeming with them. I have recently encountered a young lady who can see them and has even photographed them.



The veil has been lifted from her eyes and she can see the satanic army setting up to be the saviors after the flaming mountain slams into the ocean. These beings are invisible to most people are and are certainly a reality, but most people are oblivious to their existence.  These spirits attach themselves to people and fuel desires which can only be described as sinful. They crave blood, sex, and tears from the human race. Their paradox is to keep mankind chained to sensuality and devoid of spiritual knowledge.



If it was not for a sickness with high fever I myself would not be where I am today. In my twenties I was sick with a high grade fever and I was transported to a realm which is indescribable. I will attempt to but I assure you it will do this realm no justice. What I can tell you is I never forgot it and it has been over 25 years since it happened. I was in the center of a tunnel which was bottomless and self lit. It reminded me of the game “Tetris” only sideways and gargantuan shapes were coming together and perfectly fitting together.

It was like a machine but cannot be called a machine because it was not made of metal. In retrospect, I believe I witnessed the spiritual building blocks of our reality. It is in constant motion as we speak and I believe if it stopped . . . our world would stop. For those of you people out there who believe when you die there is nothingness are in for an astonishing surprise. It is only those people who cross over for good who truly become citizens of this world.



Those of us who are visitors glean insights, but are no more experts on Japanese culture after a two week vacation in Japan. There is an intelligent design to this world and its handy work is seen in the physical realm in Nature; including insights like the Fibonacci sequence. There is order in the physical and the spiritual. This “order” is the common factor in the “transport” testimony of NDEs and DMT patients.

Both lead to a world that only be described as indescribable in the human vernacular. Anyone who believes there is no life after death need only to survive a NDE or become a clinical patient of Dr. Rick Strausman, a pioneer in modern day scientific and clinical research of DMT. We as a culture must break the chains of physical imprisonment and return to what Christ attempted to teach us and that is that Spirit rules all things.

Spiritual truths are currently being engulfed into a new thought paradigm called tolerance. This is nothing more than the road to complete separation from spirit. The spiritual realm is not governed by tolerance only Truth and pure Nature of all things. The human mind has concocted “tolerance” as the vehicle to harmonize the desires of men with degraded spiritual truth.  It is here mankind places himself over a world which is driving the realty of the physical world.



You can quote as many human scientific models as you want, but the question is can they survive the litmus test of the spiritual realm? Humanities only hope is to return to spirit as the navigator to the healthiest models for our respective cultures. As much as people attempt to debunk the Bible its directives lead to what is best for the human race. No one can argue with the concept of perfect love; and all NDE/DMT users feel this perfect love when separated from their fleshy bodies.

The Bible address key components to become perfect vessels for hosting the Holy Spirit. It covers, diet, mentality, physical fitness, cleanliness, and emotional health. There is a synergy which needs to be achieved to walk on water, teleport, create spontaneous matter, and ascend. Most if not all of us follow the “ambulance chasers” who build spiritual cases around physical things.  None of these men/women can perform one thing Christ promised us we all can do. This is like becoming a follower/supporter of Oprah Winfrey to get a six pack when she has yet to demonstrate to us how she has achieved a six pack.



I say this not to disrespect Oprah Winfrey, but to illustrate the point Christ led by example and not fiery or sugar coated words. DMT is an example of what sages, ascended masters, and Christ demonstrated is possible through our human body. DMT also proves we are in fact created special and our brains are the hardware which receives the spiritual realm’s WiFi signal. As we progressively mature as a western culture we most revisit the ancient past and decode the spiritual realm.

In closing, DMT is the Paul Revere of our spiritual future. It shows us through our pineal gland another world is waiting for us which is devoid of flesh. In my opinion, it could be the road to what we know as Heaven. NDE seem different than DMT patient’s experience, but both prove their IS intelligent life outside of the human body. The spirit realm is a world which makes the discoveries in the world of quantum physics like that of a child discovering how deep the anthill goes.

We truly might not begin to live until we cross over into the spirit realm. People generally do not want to return from a NDE or a DMT experience. There is also the fact people feel like they were gone for years, while in the physical realm it was mere minutes. Remember Peter in the Bible said,  “A day to the Lord is like a thousand years.” All of this rings true once you cross over. The real benefit of DMT is that you do not have to die to learn this reality. Terrance McKenna (RIP), another pioneer in DMT research, made a profound statement, “The only thing you might fear in the DMT realm is death by astonishment.”

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