New Cutting Edge Studio Pushing Reptilians and Demons

New Cutting Edge Studio Pushing Reptilians and Demons

There is a new movie studio making a foray into the Science Fiction genre with movie industry veterans like Sigourney Weaver. She is no stranger to the Science Fiction genre with her experience in the Alien movie franchise and brings her acting chops to the burgeoning movie production house, Their special effects are on par with major movie production studios and their story lines are mesmerizing, to say the least. 



Their first release is titled, “Rakka” and it is about the invasion of Earth from highly advanced reptilian creatures whose invasion has pushed the human race to the brink of destruction. Sigourney Weaver, leads the what is left of the human race using guerrilla warfare tactics reminiscent of what we call terrorism today. I found it fascinating reptilians were used because they look similar to ancient reptilian statues from the Ubaid period of Earth history. 



Their movies are film shorts with more episodes coming soon. I will give no spoilers so you can watch with anticipation., also released another short film titled, “Firebase” which is set during the Vietnam War. It caught my attention because it starts out with, Hebrews 13:14 “14 For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” It then introduces an enemy so advanced it defies comprehension. Using the Bible quote allows them to build a narrative around Biblical themes merged with Science Fiction.

These Biblical themes allow the inclusion of Angels and Demons and I am sure these film shorts will mature into viral hits for the studio. Like I said, I do not want to ruin them for you because they are fresher than any Science Fiction move out today. 


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