“They Live” Trump Billboard in Mexico

“They Live” Trump Billboard in Mexico

I love synchronicity and if you know how to read the signs they are a real treasure in intuitive understanding. I recently had to exhibit tough love to a fellow contributor on Revelation Now, who dragged her feet watching the cult classic movie “They Live” and it took her years to watch it! Finally, she did so all is well. Not even 2 weeks later a a Chicago artist erected the ‘They Live’ Trump Billboard in Mexico. Is this more art mimicking reality? You have to admit President Trump is the most unorthodox President in American history. 

If you have not seen “They Live” please watch it because I believe this is how the seed of the serpent is operating in plain view. It breaks down the systematic machinations of the how the seed of the serpent mind controls the human population. While people are waiting for “aliens” to invade the sleeping masses are clueless to the possibility they were born into an anciently constructed prison. It is so entertaining to hear Believers argue over politics. 



They speak for the Most High and tell you things like former President Obama is the Antichrist and President Trump was “blessed” into office by the Lord Himself. I am sorry…I thought it was the Electoral College. Sure, at times President Trump will orchestrate a political move that is inline with Biblical values, but at the end of the day he is a business man first…then an unconventional politician. You cannot serve the Most High and the values of the American people at the same time.

I am curiously surprised Chicago artist Mitch O’Connell chose “They Live” as who President Trump is really serving, implicated by his art. What he is suggesting is President Trump is really serving the agenda of the seed of the serpent. President Trump has not achieved any major legislation since taking up the office of the President. If President Trump spent time with Jesus he would probably tweet His feet stink and he is a nut job always blabbering on about His “Father’s Kingdom.”

President Trump’s god has always been Mammon first and whatever serves the purpose of increasing his wealth. I often wondered how a business man would run America, because America is in fact a corporation. We can see this experiment has gone horribly wrong and American humanity is regressing to pre-1965 levels. Well, that is what the media would like us to think, but maybe not? In reality there are probably more people staying home watching the fringe elements in society fight it out over a nice latte.



I came across an interesting YouTube production titled, “PROOF They Live IS a Documentary-BANNED in USA! Must See – QUANTUM INFILTRATION SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES.” There is truth to this title because the actors were interviewed about the release of “They Live” and they shared the movie was taken out of theaters after 2 weeks of playing. They too thought it was conspiracy to censor the movie. If you watch the movie you will see it stand the test of time and still holds up as quality movie. I even penned a post after seeing Hebrew like characters on the wall in one scene in the movie.



The American moral fabric is influx, morphing into a bisexual culture much like reptile behavior. I believe the “aliens” in the movie “They Live” can be compared to the seed of the serpent on the Earth.  Is President Trump a seed of the serpent? Probably not because he was not supposed to make into the office. True he has made many enemies, but he certainly serves Mammon first, which is the god in “They Live.” President Trump is continuing the quid pro quo, where the rich can expect bigger tax cuts in exchange for financial support for his reelection. Making him follow in the footprints of many other Presidents.

Whatever the case politicians will always behave as politicians, but “They Live” is most likely a documentary and the seed of the serpent is not a fan of it.

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