Reincarnation vs Resurrection: What’s the DIFFERENCE?

Reincarnation vs Resurrection: What’s the DIFFERENCE?

Recently, I penned a post titled, “A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH, NEAR DEATH, AND WALKING IN THE AFTERLIFE!” I made a reference to compelling stories from children regarding reincarnation based on the research and book, “You Cannot Die: The Incredible Findings of a Century of Research on Death” by Ian Currie; and a pithy comment was left, “Reincarnation is not Biblical.” I realized at that moment I never contemplated how reincarnation fits into the Bible! We do not hear about reincarnation much in the Bible because there is really no Scripture to support it. At this point I became fascinated at what mechanism was causing some children to believe they had a past life.

Of course the “church lady” mentality blames everything on the Devil and I wonder if sometimes the Devil feels defamed. There are other explanations besides “Devils” for children remembering past lives. One zealot left a comment it is a “familiar spirit” making some children believe they had a past life. The zealot offered up, 1 Samuel 28, where a woman was sought out who had a familiar spirit. In ancient and medieval times “familiar spirits” were conjured by witches or warlocks. There are also occult books which instruct the practitioner how to acquire a “familiar spirit” using spells.



Strong’s Concordance makes a similar association with the short definition of the Hebrew origin of the noun “familiar spirit” as “spiritists.” Which is defined as:the belief that the spirits of the dead communicate with the living, esp. through a person (a medium) particularly susceptible to their influence. There is always a human connected and in an occult manner able to receive knowledge from the “familiar spirit.” Popular culture illustrates witches control their “familiar spirit” and there is some what of a symbiotic relationship between the two.


A witch in the series “Salem” explains her “familiar spirit” to another witch.


After researching “familiar spirits” and accepting the known and accept facts “familiar spirits” work in conjunction with a witch, warlock, or spiritist, I realized “familiar spirits” cannot be the culprit for children claiming to remember past lives. I came to the conclusion the zealot was simple minded and lacked the mental acumen to deduce additional explanations. Another person who was obviously better studied offered up an ancient Hebrew oral tradition and stated the following,”One might want to look up the oral tradition of the Hebrew’s, its called gilgul. Its very difficult to leave the doctrine of men to find things out for yourself, but it has to be one of the most liberating aspects of knowing the Spirit of the Living God.”


Excerpt from (Un)masking Bruno Schulz: New Combinations, Further Fragmentations, Ultimate Reintegrations


A book titled, “(Un)masking Bruno Schulz: New Combinations, Further Fragmentations, Ultimate Reintegrations”, by Dieter De Bruyn, Kris van Heuckelom Rodopi, researched this very thing. It stated, “the Jewish mystical conception of a regenerated, post-mortem incarnation of the essence of each being. In Hebrew, gilgulim means, a turn, a circle a wheel, that is, of its soul or spirit (in Hebrew, neshama) into another physical form or human figure. The researchers made sure to stress that although these teachings made it into the Kabbalah, they were not in agreement with Orthodox Judaism. It does, however,
give us a glimpse of reincarnation oscillating around Hebrew.

There is another plausible explanation for children who claim to have a past life and that falls under a paranormal ability. It is called psychometry and it is defined as: the supposed ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Is it possible a child had this ability and became confused it was there own memory? It should certainly be considered because this plausibility does not conflict with Biblical Scripture. Hebrews 9:27,states, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”



Although, a person has in fact died it must be explored how there memories can be left in inanimate objects. Now we are delving into areas such as energy transfer that holds and stores memories. It is generally accepted light can store and transfer data through fiber optics and begs the question does organic matter imbued with souls carry this same ability? Personally, I believe the belief in reincarnation negates the mission of Christ. There would be no need for Christ to dies for sins if people are constantly reincarnated to work off the past sins of their former life. It sounds like a distinctly different construct which make many spiritual laws obsolete and the mission of Christ moot.

My whole point of emphasizing children’s stories is they are pure and less likely to be involved in a scam. We cannot rule out children being demon possessed, but none of the testimony I have encountered, such as, Luke 9:37-42 or Matthew 15:22-28, where the child is suffering from some obvious detrimental side effect from demonic possession. The children claiming past lives were leading normal lives with the exception of longing to be reacquainted with a past life. Based on Biblical literature demonic possession has visceral characteristics and none of these children exhibit them.


But consider what would ensue if all that energy had no outlet – if, because of a sudden accident or foul play, someone could neither fight nor flee but were trapped in freeze mode? We know that rats that are given even a mild shock somehow transfer the fear associated with the particular stimulus on to their pups, and even to their pups’ pups. Could there be a mechanism, somewhere between life and death, where memories associated with the struggling person’s circumstances are preserved? It would be akin to the echoes, preserved down the eons, of the Big Bang observable through faint but distinct background radiation. Except in the cases we are considering, the intensity of the person’s feelings – his or her life energy, self-awareness and being – might somehow be captured in a fusion of space and time. This 'imprint' might become available for another, nascent life form – not “his” or “her” memories (as in reincarnation) but a transmutation just the same.


Many years ago I watched an HBO documentary titled, “The Boy Who Lived Before.” The little boy remembered his past life on the remote Scottish island of Barra over two hundreds miles away from his home in Glasgow. Everybody was amazed by his story about his past family. His parents doubting went to Barra to check if the things that their son was saying was true,and by the surprise of everybody, the little boy didn’t miss any details about the place. Again, I would like to submit it is possible this child tapped into another person’s life and because of the young age could not separate it from his own?



The child’s mother did not share any symptoms of classical demon possession with her child. In fact the child seemed reserved and well behaved. I say this to emphasize doubt the child was possessed or had a “familiar spirit” based on above-mentioned definitions. We most likely are dealing with a phenomenon which includes energy transfer similar to psychometry. At the end of the day there is not an authentic or universally accepted way to qualitatively ascertain the true mechanism of this phenomenon. Blaming the devil and the New Age certainly lacks investigation where I have offered you thoughts to ponder. I can unequivocally tell you when I pass on I hope to be reunited with my lady and never to return to Earth.

The Bible is clear men die once, but there is obviously another phenomenon at play and in this case I doubt the Devil is unilaterally in the details.

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