What Will Happen in 2012?

What Will Happen in 2012?

Perhaps you are one of the few people on the Earth who is not familiar with 2012.  Hollywood has been busy programming the general population with an end time scenario. The irony is Hollywood does not believe this. It is evident in from Hollywood marketing of movie trailers for 2013 openings! You would be interested in the fact the Mayans never said 2012 was the end of the world; but, the end of marking time.

In the 15th Century Cortez, a Spanish conqueror was welcomed  with open arms to the Mayan Empire.  He was mistakenly thought to be Quetzalcoatl (a God who promised to return with white hair and blue eyes) and expeditiously began to murder, rape and pillage the empire. It was not until the Jesuit Priest realized the Cortez invasion burned the scientific knowledge of the Mayans and there began the reconstruction of the destruction of records.

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Michael Erevna

Michael is the Editor-in-Chief of RevelationNow.net fulfilling his true passion of researching and writing about Biblical scripture, ancient text, and esoteric mysteries. His book "Thy Sun, Thy Rod, and Thy Staff" is available on Amazon.com. He has appeared on "In Search Of..." with Zachary Quinto and other radio appearances.
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