Do You See 11:11?

Do You See 11:11?

I have been fascinated with the Mayan calendar and civilization for over 15 years now.  Their calendar began in August 3113 BC and it ends in December 2012.  The calendar is so accurate it is only off by 33 seconds assuming the latest mega quakes did not alter it any further! I consumed many books on this subject over the years and I know the difference between facts and misinformation.  For instance when I see these Hollywood productions on 2012 on the end of the world themes I know the Mayans never implied this.

What I do know is over the years now my attention is consistently drawn to clocks and the time 11:11.  It does not matter whether it is AM or PM I see it.  And this is pretty much a daily occurrence.  One time I went out of my way to avoid looking at clocks and I went to the store and I was given $11.11 in change! I thought this was so weird.  Just this morning I came downstairs after a long night of programming and guess what time it was? 11:11 am!

What does this have to do 2012 you ask? Well this is when my real shock and awe blossomed regarding 11:11.  One day I was researching NASA’s knowledge of 2012 and planetary charts relating there to. And my jaw dropped when I saw the actual time of the December 21, 2012 galactic alignment . . . 11:11 (UT)! This is one strange coincidence.

I will be the first to tell you that absolutely nothing will happen on December 21, 2012.  After Cortez and the Spaniards ransacked the archives of the Mayan there was not much left. It had to be meticulously reconstructed and what was successfully reconstructed leaves to much room for inferences. So people conjecture the time tracking will just begin again and their calendar was nothing more than galactic time clock for better agricultural techniques.

However what we do know about the Mayan prediction clearly stated this:

  • Major Earth changes
  • Transformation of human consciousness
  • The return of God or
  • The return of the Gods

And all of this is supposed to initiate at 11:11 UT.  I will not be quick to jump on any bandwagon like the recent Elenin folks! Just because people post a story or upload a video does not make it fact.  The burden of responsibility is mine and yours and like a good attorney we must collect the facts and prove them. This means seeking, proving and not blindly accepting what we hear or see.

All I know is 2012 is going to be the most exciting year for those who have studied the Mayan. If nothing happens at all I will just focus on being a better father, husband, brother, cousin, uncle and son.


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Michael Erevna

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