What is the Spirit Molecule?

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Everybody wonders what happens when you die? Is there life after death? If so what is it like? Now with the research of University of New Mexico, psychiatrist Dr.Rick Strassman, MD who tested DMT (N-dimethyltryptamine) on 60 volunteers between 1990 – 1995, we have gained new insights.

What exactly is DMT? It is a chemical we all have in our bodies.  When we sleep we release a small quantity of it from our pineal gland subsequently entering a dream state.  More importantly when we die we release a heavy dose of DMT. This seems to be the link to all people experiencing bliss or heaven at the time of death.  The living people who have experimented with this drug via injection or smoke inhalation have very bizarre experiences. They enter a whole new universe or dimension which for all purpose and intent is real to them.

Below is an excerpt of one persons experience on DMT:

“The first thing was a sense of dropping away, but to say downward would be too simple. There were all sorts of frequency modulations and crescendoed stacatto pops as the trip descended. This sound data was quiveringly involved with these visual architectonic dream waters that were beginning to emerge, dripping and slipping amongst themselves, and my being became overwhelmed by vacuous, gravity-like suction experiences which impelled me further in. Around me I felt a crowding in of beings as if the Celtic Faerie land of Fay had become momentarily co-present with where I was. I sensed them, but did not experience these creatures. The sucking experience took over for a while then, driving the morphological acrobatics of spacelove that lay before me. There was something about it that makes me think of a voluptuous alien seductress with big, fat lips pulling me to her body in the weirdest feeling embrace ever. It felt like I was being smeared sensually and lustfully around the space in some sort of vacuum-tube funhouse. At this point (maybe a minute into the experience) I started picking up something like the Escher painting of all those sets of stairs with figures descending by all manners of gravity, only its surfaces were emerald isles of what I can only describe as fractal Medusa liquid, serpentine and sexy. There was a thought that I was in a room full of aliens and they were playing with me, but that somehow they had conspired to make me this way – the alien carney music bar on the planet Tatooine in the Star Wars trilogy seems relevant.”

There are several ways to look at the true nature of the DMT experience from the North America and South American perspective.  Western medicine will tell you this is nothing more than a persons subconscious history manifesting into a perceived “real” experience. The South American perspective says DMT allows man to enter the Spirit World or Space itself. Although they do not call it DMT, but Ayahuasca. It is a brew of Banisteriopsis vine, usually mixed with the leaves of DMT, containing species of shrubs from the Psychotria genus.

The current and ancient Shaman have been ingesting this brew to communicate with their ancestors, solving the problems of the people, and to gain knowledge from “Teachers” in another dimension.  It is said  they even traveled through space explaining how the Shaman knew the planet Saturn has rings! It was common knowledge to the Shaman, there is another “universe” within man. It sounds familiar to me and the Bible has a similar quote:

Luke 17:20-21 The Coming of the Kingdom  

20 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; 21 nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’[a] For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”

Is DMT the doorway into this kingdom? Is man exploring the outer when he should be exploring the inner? Many of Dr. Strassman’s patients had positive experiences which changed their lives forever. They claim to have been spiritually upgraded from the DMT experience.  Each of the patients arrived to Dr. Strassman sessions, in a controlled dimly lit environment, where they could lie down on a couch before being injected with DMT. Although some of them did have bad “trips” most of them experienced positive mind altering “trips”.

The patients who had positive experiences were administered higher doses of DMT, which extended their journeys to another dimension. To be able to consciously experience what potentially happens at our death should give us all encouragement. There is a magnificent and at times unexplainable universe where we will all end up. Many of the patients sessions were cathartic clearing away trauma from deeply embedded emotional abuse. Many people where essentially cured after this experience!

The spirit world is easily accessible with DMT to everyone but I have my reservations. These days my body is having trouble dealing with cold medicine and I would hate to be the one person having an adverse reaction to DMT, running down the street butt naked yelling “Olly olly oxen free!”  Whatever the case I hope to see more research on DMT because inner space is way more interesting than outer space. If DMT is the doorway to the Spirit World then shouldn’t we all have some trial runs before the final curtain call?  I am just saying  . . .

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Me and about 25 other students at Morgan State actually experienced DMT in 1975! That was a truly wild experience! It was like we were in slow motions, sounds were distorted and it was definitely an out of body experience!!

  • Craig M.

    I like the Lumosity ad. in that I practice weekly and see a growth in brain functions. I should have had this as a child.

  • Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

    • Michael Erevna

      Thank you very much! I am so inspired by your comment! Please spread the word about this new site!

  • Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. This is a impressive story. Thanks!

    • Michael Erevna

      Thank you so much for your compliment! It means so much to us here and please share this with your friends. You can help us market the site by posting this story on your Facebook page and other places you go! Thanks again.

  • tom11

    one time i was reading Alot about dmt and then randomly everything some how fell in place and i was actually able to get my hands on some thru my little brothers friends friend friend friend ect.
    felt like the universe lined up and brought me to this substance lol. i was Amped.

    bought a gram of some yellowish crystals. smelt like a newpair of shoes lol. i did tons of research on it and i was 99.9999% sure it was real dmt.

    unfortunately tho for me, i never ‘broke thru’. i didnt see ANYTHING like they describe. i smoked it a few times and no matter how much i could get in my lungs within 30 seconds, i jus couldnt go anywhere. it was just a minor / weak mushroom trip. jus minor trippy wavey crap. typical weak shroom trip (was like the end ofa trip). and 10 minutes later or so i was totally sober again.

    the only time i had any real ‘experience’ was when i took some xanax for whatever reason (toget high on) and after the night was thru, i decided that i would smoke ALOT.
    still drunk with xanny carelessness, i packed the majority of the dmt into a tinfoil pipe. mighta been a water bong, dont rembr.

    so anyway, i ripped the shit out of it. i blasted it until i couldnt see stright anymore. i placed it down in bed with me and laid down.

    i completly lost touch with my body. felt like it wasnt there 100%.
    all i saw was black (eyes wer closed =P) i could see a white light or something off to the side but i could never seem to look directly at it. and forwhatever reason, i was laughing. i actually laughed my balls off. idk what was funny but i laughed so hard that my stomach hurt lol. my face was soaked in tears from laughing.
    during all this i felt like i needed to stop laughing and concentrate and take it all in. but when i would stop, i would jus sit there and then psssffffffffffft start laughing again.
    dmt was a joke =\. although that night was vry funny, it was still super Super disapointing.

    i tried it maybe once or twice more and then gave up. i havea small bowl pack of it left but its prlly old n moldy now.

    im thinking about trying to get the clear pure crystal but i dont evn care anymore honestly. seems like another internet joke. sounds amazing on the computer, reading / dreaming about shit late at night but in reality idk. joe rogan seems to think otherwise >.>

    sorta reminds me about the 3rd eye posts all over youtube. ppl claim their pineal gland is a stargate anda few other things but at the end of the day idk. do people just like to dream? or is there alot more going on than we all see?

  • Michael Erevna


    Thanks for the candid comment! Remember Dr. Strassman, injected folks directly into their veins! It was pure DMT. This is what you missed. You probably has poor quality. No offense! When you smoke it, it only last 1 minute!