Essential Equipment for UFO Hunting

Essential Equipment for UFO Hunting

Are you interested in scouring the night sky for satellites or UFO? You have seen footage all over the Internet and now would like to know what you need? Well search no further! After reading this article and arming yourself with a small budget you will be ready to set-up and record night-vision video yourself.

Before I start I am assuming you have a laptop that is somewhat current. If you do not I highly recommend you get one. These days you can walk down the aisle of Best Buy and snag a nice one for $400. The next piece you will need is a night-vision monocular. These can be modest or pricey depending on how deep your pockets. I went with the base model and I am extremely happy with it.

Below is all of the equipment you will need:

This is the basic package you need to configure and it is very simple as long as you do not run into any software driver issues. Feel free to contact me if you do and I will throw some links up to make it quick. As you can see the most expensive piece will be the night-vision monocular. Now I will break down the configuration.

First off,  wash and dry your hands before starting. The last thing you want is dirty hands on your lenses! I actually wore white cotton gloves when I took it out of the bag and then I realized I looked like an idiot. So washing your hands is just fine. Open your AA batteries next and open the battery bay on the monocular. It holds 6 double batteries AND take them out when you are not using the monocular because they will drain.

After the batteries are in the battery bay, close it and make sure you see a green light when you press on. That is it the monocular is ready to go. Next let’s install the EasyCap Video Adaptor, it provides the link between the laptop, video software and the monocular. Take the pre-packaged software drop in your DVD bay on your laptop and follow the directions. If this works without a snag you are home free.

Reboot your computer and plug the EasyCap in and plug all of the cables together and the male RCA into the monocular mount it to the tripod and you are now a night-time UFO producer!

Take a look at one of my productions using this same configuration:

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