Obama Sets Table for Return of Jesus?

Obama Sets Table for Return of Jesus?

Last week President Obama announced to the world he supports gay marriage. Was this a political strategy? A genuine personal belief he recently developed? Most likely all of the above. It was said before President Obama was elected,  “he has a proclivity for people pleasing,” meaning he wants to make everybody happy.

This is obviously good news to the lesbian and gay community and bad news for many people who supported over 5000 years of traditional marriage between a man and woman.  In one moment President Obama has paved the yellow brick road to “holy” sanctified same-sex marriage from a Federal perspective. People are quick to say this is about benefits for same-sex partners; but, they did have benefits if they registered as domestic partners, prior to the campaign for marriage!

They are now demanding to be married in a church with the blessing of  The Most High.  The next argument is to say the Bible is outdated on same-sex unions and The Old Testament’s Book of Leviticus is referenced.  Where it says, “lying with mankind as with womankind” is an abomination.  Even Bill Mahr,  said in his documentary “Religulous”,  banning homosexuality is an Old Testament thing.  Both arguments do not hold any water.  God’s disdain is apparent and classifies homosexuality as a sin, according to Corinthians and Romans…The New Testament.

So let’s make sure we have this right. Two gay men (or two women) will stand on an altar, in a church, and ask for God’s blessing in their “marriage?”  This is the whole problem,  this has no business in Church.  There was another solution in place called domestic partnerships and it was supported by the States!  Why the demand to be in the Church?  Therein lies the question!

You might ask yourself  has this ever been done in the recorded history of humanity? You would even assume if it had, Sodom and Gomorrah was the culprit. You would be wrong by both accounts.  This is where it gets down right Biblical and fascinating at the same time.  In order to have a point of reference we will have to visit ancient history where homosexuality was accepted and blatant as two men furiously making out by a water fountain pressed against a wall.

In Rome and Greece soldiers, were infamously known to carry on homosexual relationships in plain view without condemnation.  Did they marry during these times? No they did not! They knew better than to broach the grounds of Holy Matrimony established by The Most High.  Even today gay men in Islamic countries are terrorized and murdered by having their anuses “super-glued” shut. This is one of the most horrible ways to die.  I would rather be eaten by a famished grizzly bear.  Not even Babylon incorporated same sex marriages into their civilization.

There was one time in recorded history and for those in the know, this will send chills down your spine.  The only time known according to the  “Babylonian Talmud”,  written 1,000 years before Christ,  was the days of Noah!  This was ferreted out of this book by Jeffrey Satinover.  Please Google him and you will find he is very accomplished and well read.  He has a M.D. from Princeton and doctorates from Harvard, MIT  and Yale.  Talk about a full-time student!

Here is the most interesting quote from Jesus regarding when he will return.  When asked by His disciple what will be a sign of His return he replied:

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. – Mathew 24:37 (NIV)

In my opinion there were two distinctions of the days of Noah.  The Nephilim were walking the Earth in plain view and same-sex marriages were in vogue.  We are seeing same-sex marriages being approved by states left and right now.  The question is who are the Nephilim?  Is this a situation like the movie “They Live” where “they” are hiding their true form? Or they appear human with slight differences?

What we do know is,  we are living in the days of Noah now!Is this the point where God says, “Oh hell no! These fools are trippin!” Of course I paraphrase the mind of God!  This can not be good and Satan must be feeling very happy with President Obama!  We might be seeing Jesus very soon now.  Got Jesus? Maybe, who knows?

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