Nibiru or Wormwood Officially Located?

Nibiru or Wormwood Officially Located?

Many researchers have been searching for evidence of a tenth planet which is part of our solar system.  Zecharia Sitchin (RIP) gained critical acclaim for his translations and research into Sumerian cuneiform and pictographs.  He claimed his translation of the tablets spoke of a planet called Nibiru which was on 3,600 (666?) elliptical orbit in our solar system.  When it returns it is full of beings who were once the “gods” of the Earth recorded from the days of yore in many ancient civilizations.  

The planet is supposedly bigger than Jupiter! Meaning if it is coming this way, according to the laws of perturbation, other celestial bodies will be affected by its magnetic and gravitational pull.  In other words, there will be earthquakes and tsunamis performing regularly on a continent near you.  Barring an article from Washington Post,  in the early 1980s,  regarding a super-large planet headed toward our solar system, not much else officially has been released.

Now we have a video actually showing us a planet is not coming toward our solar system; but, in our solar system!  This video will show you a planet outside of Neptune and Uranus.  Is Nibiru also known as Wormwood?  Is this “planet” actually a brown-dwarf star?  Is it the star which will wreak havoc upon the waters of the Earth?  Only time will tell. What is interesting is the Sumerian’s called this the “Planet of the Cross” because of its appearance. In the video you will see the cross!

One thing is for sure. This should certainly be bigger news than who Kim Kardashian is sleeping with this month!

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