Car Crash: Angels Save Four People

Car Crash: Angels Save Four People

I have been hard pressed to find an authentic story with Angels as of late.  Most of them I have encountered are complete fabrications like Angels heard singing in the sky.  There is rarely more than one credible witnesses in most Angel incidents, however, in this story there are four.  I think we need stories like this to validate The Most High is still “The Most High.”  The television program, “The Secrets of the Supernatural,” documents the serious car accident, where people actually saw Angels pulling people from a 2 car collision.

The car was engulfed in flames according to the 911 call and it looked real bad for the people involved in the accident.  According to the witnesses the person who was unconscious floated in the air before their astonished eyes.  There was also an obese person who was pulled though an open more than 8 inches wide.  Doesn’t this break our understanding of the laws of physics?

As the Bible is being challenged to suit the itching ears of what people want to hear, The Most High is dispatching Angels to perform miracles in the lives of people on the Earth.  If the Angels are real like the four witnesses testify, then what else is real about the Bible? There is a growing movement to turn away from sound doctrine and make ourselves “gods”, because we know best. Yet, we can not solve any of the major problems of the world such as:  war, global banking, attacks on the Bible, hunger, racism, etc.

Anyway, watch this video and listen to the testimony of the people and think real hard about the path the world has chosen and your own future.  Because, when time is up, Angels will not be here to save us; but, to tear the unrighteous new heiny holes!

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Michael Erevna

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