Saturn Magic Everywhere?

Saturn Magic Everywhere?

The Pope is wearing his “Saturn Hat” as he waves to his fans and worshipers.  Why would the Pope wear a hat dedicated to symbolize the Planet Saturn?  When you realize the relationship of Saturn throughout the Ages to Black Magic or the Occult,  it should raise red flags, right?  In fact,  you will find many Saturn motifs and symbols directly used in our face today.

Are these just harmless symbols or is there a magical practice directly interfacing with our subconscious minds?  I will be the first to tell you I do not have all of the answers; but,  I can tell you where there is smoke,  there is fire.  Perhaps,  ancient knowledge was hidden from the masses, so a chosen group could manipulate events.  Time and time again.  When you understand humanities ancient relationship with Saturn it truly appears diabolical and dark.

The below video is a comprehensive analysis of Saturn’s symbols and motifs.  Please mute the speakers if you are not (I was not) a fan of the music.  The information is very interesting and makes a compelling case,  there is something more to Saturn and our planet.  The “Electric Universe” disciples will not agree with this because “they” believe Saturn was once the Sun of the Earth!  This theory totally breaks the law of perturbation and as many of you know would have affected the Earth’s perfect distance from the Sun.

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