2012 Eerie London Olympic Ceremony

2012 Eerie London Olympic Ceremony

Take a gander at the picture above and see what comes to mind.  The garden of death?  Or the evil landscape of Hell’s gardener?  What you are looking at,  is the construction of an elaborate ceremony at the 2012 Olympics in London. The UK publication the Daily Mail cracked the story and even they are scared as hell of what they are seeing!  In my opinion,  it is a giant amulet, as the floor with strategic symbols placed on it and an eerie person in a black robe.

Bigger pictures on the Daily Mail site

It is just plain bizarre looking and I am sure every conspiracy theorist and Illuminati expert will connect all of the dots.  Is it possible this is some elaborate ritual?  Maybe it is and guess what?   I will not be watching it!  Be careful after watching this you might wake up the next morning gay,  standing in a Starbucks with no bottoms on, giggling.  Far fetched?  Yes, but damn funny!

We will wait and see how this shapes up but be afraid . . . be very afraid.

PS:  What would Rik Clay see?

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