I, Pet Goat II: Future Told?

I, Pet Goat II: Future Told?

The animated film short, “I, Pet Goat II”,  is a film bursting with ancient and prophetic symbolism. It is clearly putting (Montreal based) Canadian animated studio Heliofant on the map as an exciting and fresh new talent. Many bloggers and uninitiated of Biblical and ancient history are having much trouble deciphering the symbolism. They say it is difficult to understand or to dissect.   As our UK counterparts say, “That is rubbish!”

It is clear to this writer the Heliofant producers have their fingers on the pulse of history and prophecy.  You will need a combination of ancient history, prophecy and Biblical prophecy to weave the images and motifs together.  This animated piece is telling of future events as captured in the Book of Revelation and many of the other prophetic books of the Bible. The film short can easily be associated with events which have transpired and many which are to come. 

The most horrific parts of the film short regard nuclear destruction and the return of the Antichrist or could it be the manipulation of human DNA and the brain?  Time is running out for what ever plan is unfolding and we must be vigilant.  The animated short is below as is a breakdown of the movie.  Please comment and let’s discuss this!

I, PET GOAT II Analysis

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