Phone Call with a Prophet

Phone Call with a Prophet

These days many websites and YouTube producers are guilty of spreading fear with a helping of hopefulness.  This site is definitely guilty as well.  There is a ubiquitous movement to externalize every sign and current event with prophecy.  They focus on every political event to so-called nefarious technologies coupled with fear and destruction of our current world.  Are these the best teachings of the Bible? Is there a superior path to take en route to spiritual bliss?

I had the good fortune of speaking with a true evangelist today.  The previous night a child hood mentor of mine recommended I call her the following day.  Keeping my word as I always do with him led me to calling Evangelist Brown.  She answered the phone and I introduced myself to her.  I immediately felt at ease with her as she surveyed my current life and the nature of my spiritual connection with The Most High.  After I laid all of my cards on the table she proceeded to pray for me, my family and business ventures.

She explained her connection with God and why she is so at peace in her life.  She has submitted her will to the commandments and teachings of Jesus.  There was a omnipotence to her which can only be explained by her spiritual knowledge.  She said I see the car you drive.  It is a black sports car…real shiny.  It looks like a sports car but not really. She said the spirit is showing me now.  I told her yes it looks black but it changes color in the light. It is a sports car for a family man, you see I drive a Nissan Maxima.

She told me she wanted to pray for my oldest child.  I said I am raising a 6, 8, and 10-year-old.  She said no he is older he is in college or just graduated from college.  I do have an estranged son who just graduated college and is now teaching in France.  This was now amazing to me.  She said she would pray for him as well.   It was clear to me Evangelist Brown operates from the Holy Spirit.

During the conversation I began to realize most of us focus on the external events of the world and not enough on the internal. Myself being an avid researcher and blogger have become to influenced by “man-thoughts” and this has to change. At one point in the conversation I brought up how confusing research can be when trying to reconcile against Biblical Scripture. I said – “Buddha predates Jesus more than 1,500 years, yet he spoke the same truths . . .”,  She interrupted me and said, “Jesus is part of the Godhead, He was there at the beginning!  Do you understand this?” From a spiritual perspective she had me in check mate!

I felt a sense of great Love emanating from talking with her and I could feel her Truths from the Holy Spirit. The night before I watched a video showing “UFO” opening portals in the sky and I said to myself where IS this world they come from?  Why are they so deceptive? The next day I am speaking to a woman who does nothing but share spiritual truths.  Evangelist Brown taught me after one conversation the most important thing ever.  Have a relationship with your Spiritual Father.  Talk to Him, walk with Him and most of all accept and believe in Him.  I look forward to calling her again for I have many questions.

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