Batman Massacre:Spiritual Analysis

Batman Massacre:Spiritual Analysis

As soon as I heard the news about the massacre I became suspicious of the entire heartbreaking ordeal.  My prayers go out to the family and friends who were killed or injured and even the people who suffered through the trauma. My first inclination gravitated toward an orchestrated mind controlled event.  Aurora, Colorado (39.7294° N, 104.8314° W) is just 13 miles away from the Columbine massacre 13 years ago.

The killer was identified as James Eagan Holmes, who was raised in a pristine San Diego neighborhood.  He came from a stable family and excelled in academia.  He graduated in spring of 2010 with neuroscience degree from the University of California. Last year he enrolled in a neuroscience Ph.D program at the University of Colorado-Denver and it was said administrative measures were in progress for his withdrawal.

When I heard this I immediately thought about nanotechnology for mind control.  Hey,  I was fresh off seeing “The Amazing Spiderman”,  and scientist are always oscillating around good and evil.  Was this man an unknowing pawn or a willing pawn?  What would drive a man to shoot a 6 year old girl or a 3 month old baby?   There had to be an esoteric nature to this whole situation.

In occult science there are always numbers used in rituals or staged events.  What would be the numeric theme here and what would the associations be?  Who is the ancient pagan deity who is the target of the blood sacrifice?  Do you remember the movie the “Omen?” On Damien’s birthday his nanny jumped out of the window and hung herself.  This is an example of a blood sacrifice.

There are other questions to answer as well. What was the planetary and star configuration at the time of this ritual?  Is the location of the theater on ley lines?  I guarantee if you research this you will find “coincidences” related to pagan deities and the ancient past.  One person who has already begun digging for facts is Kijani the Christian YouTube sensation.  Using his keen spiritual insight and diligent research on ancient civilizations he is already weaving his case for a Satanic ritual.

Not much really more to say.  Just watch the video and see what you think.

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