Ayahuasca, Spirituality in a Bottle?

Ayahuasca, Spirituality in a Bottle?

Looking to tame your inner demons or deep-seated psychic wounds from your past?  Then look no further! It may be a bit inconvenient; but, update your passport and book a ticket to Peru.  Here you can join a group of native Peruvians who specialize in brewing Ayahuasca (sacred vines, leaves, and flowers) which enable you to experience a psychedelic trip to great self awareness and Universal consciousness.  It is so serious make sure you get yourself a physical and medically cleared by a licensed medical professional before you go,  because it could be extremely dangerous if you do not!

The Peruvian Shaman are like the “Rachel Rays” of the jungle who have perfected a brew which not only catapults your conscious to another dimension,  it keeps you there for 7 hours.  People normally attend in small groups of 8 and trip out in a cave or a hut in the dark. While the Shaman meticulously monitor the condition of the people they also sing ancient songs to aid in the journey of these brave inner-self explorers. It is not uncommon to hear people weeping openly as they heal from psychic wounds or to scream from sheer terror or bodily pain.  This is the result of the body becoming acclimated to the Ayahuasca and any former emotional trauma.

Many psychology professionals have become aware of the positive psychological benefits of Ayahuasca and more are making their own pilgrimage to Peru.  What they are finding is a Ayahuasca trip positively affects ones outlook on life forever.  People are actually better off after the experience, much to the chagrin of big pharmaceutical companies.   Imagine quitting smoking after one Ayahuasca trip!

“To hell and back.” That’s what National Geographic’s Kira Salak said of her mystical experience into the powerful world of visionary medicine offered at Blue Morpho just before “the severe depression that had ruled my life since childhood had miraculously vanished.”

Matthew Daniel, is a Senior Research Psychologist who investigates the functioning of Ayahuasca in the Enteric nervous system, and also communication between living creatures and plants in nature from Australia. He traveled to Peru with a small team,  where he experienced the Ayahuasca trip and also witnessed the brewing process.  The Peruvian backdrop is a cinematographers dream and he was able to see places where no other White men were allowed.  He now has a new respect for the benefits of Ayahuasca and can see the benefits to help heal and elevate the human consciousness.  He learned the Peruvians refer to Ayahuasca as the “Teacher Plant” and it is considered sacred.

In fact, if you are traveling to Peru for an Ayahuasca journey you must change your diet in order to cope with the digestion process.  Certain salts, sugars and medications should be eliminated from your bloodstream and yes this means absolutely no McDonalds or you could become extremely ill.  It is almost like training and preparing yourself mentally, spiritually and physically for a marathon, except it is all in your mind.  Not much you can do emotionally but understand deep-seated psychosis will manifest and this is most likely part of the healing process.  

Matthew was very lucky to witness the brewing process which takes over 16 hours to complete. Many of the ingredients are indigenous to Peru,  so unfortunately you can’t run to Home Depot and pick up the ingredients.  You are much safer in the hands of the Peruvians who know the exact amounts to add to the brew, including flowers to prolong the experience.  They even give you a blend of honey and oats to sip on during the experience to settle the stomach and prolong the trip.  

Ayahuasca truly is Spirituality in a bottle and the scientific community is wise to study the properties and merits of the applications.  It is apparent the unseen Universe has many healing powers outside of conventional medicine and if this makes the world a better place,  I am all for it.   Find out more about Ayahuasca tours here.

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