The Solution to Hinder Mass School Killings

The Solution to Hinder Mass School Killings

Let’s face it folks we have a national conundrum on our hands with gun laws and the management therein.  It is painfully obvious after 20 elementary school students are gunned down, something must happen to hinder this from happening again.  Our second-ammendment rights should not be jeopardized by the acts of mentally unstable people.  We have to think about protecting the most valuable treasures on Earth . . . our children.  If you are a parent you know exactly what I am talking about.

In 2010, nearly 20 children were killed and 50 wounded in a string of copycat incidents around central China. China has strict gun control laws, so knives are the weapon of choice in violent crimes. Also, on Friday 22 school children were stabbed by a deranged man in China. This is a trend which needs a timely solution.  I remember visiting my former High School and I was surprised to see a police officer on duty.  Perhaps this is the model which needs to be followed?

I do know this, there is a clear pattern with all of these mass killings over the years. The killer always suffers with mental problems, takes pharmaceutical drugs and his been under medical care.  There are enough cases to implicate that drugs in the Prozac family do more damage than good.  The FDA has approved psychological drugs where additional psychosis is created as a result of them.  The reason they are approved is big pharmaceutical business have the money to influence Capital Hill.  They are willing to risk the lives of our children in order to turn a profit.

Hear the truth about the effects of anti-depressants on children

When people submit to a background check for the purchase of the weapon their medical history is not vetted. This is the gap which needs to be bridged in order to facilitate changing the outcome of these heinous acts.  People suffering with mental issues should not be able to purchase guns, ever.  They should be flagged in a national database to stop them from being armed.  You give up your medical privacy when you are mentally impaired and purchase a weapon.

Right now a valid driver’s is the only requirement and clearly it is insufficient to ferret out mental illness.  If you are added to medical registry for mental illness that is cross referenced before every gun buy then we have transparency.  This includes people who do not have a mental illness but live with people who do.  The penalties need to be high for law breakers including felony jail time.  People will argue the Orwellian nature of what I am proposing is unconstitutional.  My answer to you is nothing is more valuable to me than the safety of my children.

Will this stop mass murder in the schools?  Probably not but it will certainly hinder the ease of arming yourself when you have a mental disorder.  Our nation needs to consider steel doors for the classrooms much like the changes to the airline industry post 911.  We can not be held hostage by mentally imbalanced people preying on innocent children any longer.  This is has to end now and very soon.

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