Google Glass: Another One Bites the Borg

Google Glass: Another One Bites the Borg

It is safe to assume if you watch science fiction movies and you are rich as an Arabian sheik, anything is possible.  I remember watching an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the Borg attacked the Enterprise.  Each of the Borg soldiers were equipped with an eye-piece which provided the Queen with a third-person view.  She was able to participate and coordinate the situation based on this technology.

Based on Moore’s Law where the power of computing is doubled ever year combined with gains in nanotechnology has afforded Google a new market — personal audio and video surveillance.  Enter “Google Glass” a Borg like creation where people simply where these glasses and wirelessly transmit and record video to their Google accounts.  We could say the idea is brilliant but we have already seen it on Star-Trek.  In fact, my six year old son has a pair of glasses that does the same thing except they were $14.95, needless to say, you get what you pay for!

The applications for this technology is enormous and I can see them used by the police force like little low budget Robo-Cops recording their subjects on the move. The military applications are tremendous where soldiers in battle can receive precision air-support without calling it in, because field-artillery is monitoring the battles. Surgeons can actually perform the most delicate operations with a “coach” in their ears the whole time.

I do understand the benefits of this technology. I am just not sure I want to be jacked into Google sharing a video trail of my escapades.  The only problem I see with this new gadget is practicality.  I have to take off my glasses to use these and I will be quite blind while wearing them.  How can someone with a astigmatism wear these video glasses and operate normally? I am sure Google will figure this out and when affordable nanotechnology is available units with prescription lenses will be available.

I am sure some people will argue against this technology because it does present an Orwellian nature and Google is not a champion of privacy with an unblemished record.  Having radio waves so close to the brain will also stimulate discussion on any nefarious applications as well.  For the time being I will give them and try and record my family and see how it goes.

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