Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?

Watch Beyonce Demon Possessed at Super Bowl?

An astute YouTube producer by the name of XposedbyTruth, meticulously analyzed Beyonce’s facial features at her Super Bowl performance and he believes (and so do I) you can witness her becoming possessed by Demons! It is no secret Revelation Now (read prediction here) blew the proverbial whistle, weeks in advance of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance that it would be a ritual including the ancient “Silver Gate” of the Heavens perfectly aligned over New Orleans. We also believe it was a “binding and loosing” spell based on the principles of The Book of Matthew 16-19. (The True Origin of Sasha Fierce)

“Silver Gate” alignment over New Orleans night of the Super Bowl


Matthew 16:19

19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The demonic spell included the element of fire and various motifs were included in the ritual, some “in-your-face” and (prediction came true) some subliminal. Just to recap, the “Gemini” aspect was conspicuously adorned in the stage while Taurus the Bull was flashed so fast it did not register with the general public. There was also an excessive use of fire used throughout the performance. You must understand we predicted these two star constellations (Gemini and Taurus) intersected by the Galactic Plane would be represented in Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance to prove this was an occult ritual in plain view. 

What I did not see, was brought to my attention by XposedbytheTruth and it is quite compelling.  Beyonce appears to have several unusual physical transformations.  Most of them are synonymous with common elements of demonic possession you see in movies. The blackened eyes and bulging neck/throat are all elements of demon possession.  You also see an unexplainable feature in her mouth which is not normal. 

Close up view of Beyonce as she transforms during the ritual


Beyonce has admitted in interviews she has felt a “force” that comes into her which she calls “Sasha Fierce” and it is basically an alternate personality.  I believe what we are seeing is a force coming into her and you are seeing the physical reactions to the possession. Other media outlets have run a barrage of pictures which Beyonce feels are unflattering and has asked them to be removed.  Now we know why her expressions are so angry.

Beyonce’s many strange faces after the possession

It is clear the demonic entity is necessary to facilitate the  agenda of the occult ritual and Beyonce is a willing host. What are the outcomes is now the question? Also, the truth about these rituals needs be spread but this will be extremely difficult. People who have absolutely no research on this subject will argue passionately for Beyonce.  There is nothing worse than passionate ignorance except persistent ignorance!

Isaiah 47: 12

“Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries,

It is sad but not unexpected this world is in a state of delusion.  Soon after the Super Bowl there has been a public relations campaign to elevate the image of Beyonce while none of the mainstream media will touch what is being presented here. This will be chalked up as crazy and foolish talk. While evidence has been presented in the form of motifs, clothing, symbols and behavior of the occult, these facts will always fall short of awakening the masses. I actually feel sorry for the people who are asleep because by the time they have a Spiritual epiphany it will be to late.

Comprehensive analysis of Beyonce, possession and the Super Bowl


In closing, we have circumstantial and physical evidence Beyonce is being used as a demonic vessel and she is aware of it.  These possessions cause physical changes to the body and transform the body of the person. Dark and reddened eyes appear to be common as well. What most of the other researchers are leaving out is what is the purpose? Is it just to possess to entertain? No it is not! By incorporating the stars into the ritual demonic forces are being allowed to enter and leave our dimension by using our energy. These rituals also target people, places and things. We need only to watch and see the results of this latest Super Bowl ritual.

There appears to be a relationship to fire from the ritual and there is a new trend of fiery loud meters striking the Earth in various countries.  The fire motif is important and we can expect more incidents of fire in the near future. These demonic forces do not appear to waste anytime attacking their targets. Those of us who are awake must pray against these demons and pray the people who serve them are freed. Beyonce appears to be a nice woman but what she is mixed up in clearly is not. I believe if she was “crazy-in-love” with Jesus Christ she would not be in her current predicament. If all of this sounds crazy click here!

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