Hollywood, Occult Sleeper Cells and CERN

Hollywood, Occult Sleeper Cells and CERN

The best way to hide anything is in plain view and the best way to train people is the same.  Is it possible while we (the sheeple) enjoy movies on the silver screen, the elite use it to educate and train themselves on esoteric history, applications and a delivery schedule? There is a dual purpose for Hollywood blockbusters and these movies act as a “teachable-moments” for the elite. “Key” actors are flagged so the elite know which movies to dualistically absorb into their consciousness and subconscious. 

Secrets of esoteric knowledge are synchronized across films while educating elites of the importance of past hidden historical markers and how to apply it to their lives. Some of the elite are actually “activated” much like the so-called “terror-cells” of today.  These movies not only activate the elite sleeper cells in various disciplines but maintain occult deadlines to work in conjunction with occult numerology and sacred geometry.

Represent “the principle of organization 3, acting on the differentiation of the world in spirit and matter 20, to allow precisely the incarnation of the spirit in the matter, 2 + 3 = 5”, according to R. Allendy.

Hollywood used the movie “Back to the Future” to activate an occult sleeper cell of scientist to begin the construction of a “star-gate.”  These movies are important because “they” have to work in conformance with occult numerology which are activators in the “spirit-realm.”  The number 23 is of extreme importance because it is the “bridge” for bringing a spirit entity into the material world. There is a synchronization of physical efforts and spiritual dynamics in order to manifest the occult agenda.

How Hollywood hides in plain view

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“Back to the Future” was released in 1985 and we were introduced to the “flux-capacitor” and its ability to transport the human/soul to the past and the future.  Where did this technology actually come from? Why does man need to tamper with the wrinkles of time? What we do know is 23 years later CERN was launched and it can create “wrinkles” in time!  This multifaceted machine was created with a dual purpose.

CERN is not only a particle machine it has other applications not widely known

One purpose is actually what we are told and there is a group of scientist working to that end. The other purpose is a covert agenda synchronized by signals and motifs from “key” movies the uninitiated are unaware. There must be a portal open so the most powerful Fallen Angel can materialize in our dimension for good. The true purpose is hidden in the backdrop by actor Christopher Loyd who is the “key” to unlocking the next steps of personal and social change for the occult elite.

Luke 8:17

17  For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

This article  is just a basic introduction to understand how the elite operate. We have seen activations like this before by so-called Osama Bin Laden video tapes which instructed terror-cells to activate based on “key” words and phrases. The Hollywood movies are actually farther reaching because not only are they released domestically but internationally. This allows elite occult cells to work in concert and honor delivery dates.

With trillions of dollars at their disposal any agenda can be implemented and deployed with enough notice. CERN being launched 23 years after “Back to the Future” is an extremely significant insight.  The elite have built a machine which can manipulate particle and wave energy and esoterically bring Spiritual entities into our realm.  Just read the spiritual significance of the number 23 again.

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