Government Drills, Star Gates and Acts of Terror

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What is the probability for every successful “act of terror” there was a government drill running in tandem that day? One time is explainable, but two, three, four and five? The probability of this happening for all of them is highly unlikely. I remember 9/11 and seeing FEMA personnel on site because of a FEMA drill.  This is also what caused confusion for Air Force interceptors because they believed the “hijacked” planes were part of the drill.

Many of you following the research and detective work by this digital magazine, know these “acts of terror” are carefully planned to coincide with the alignment of the silver and golden gateways into the heavens. So many variables are at play during these “acts of terror” they can not be coincidence.

Government drill + GateWay(Silver or Golden) + Location + Terror  = Blood Sacrifice

Above is the pattern for all of the blood sacrifice rituals you will see in the video above. Ask yourself how is this possible? Also, ask why the media never brings these facts to light? There is an element of control for every aspect of our lives. This does make it easier for us to predict the next act of terror. Just learn when the next drill is going to be under the alignment of the gates — and stay home!

You must listen to this speech to understand what is happening today

The irony is murdered President Kennedy warned the American people about a secret organization which operates on a global scale. He said everything the American people needed to hear by warning us and the last generation failed us. I believe President Kennedy sacrificed his life for the American people. It is safe to assume, every President since then is playing ball, if you will.

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of

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