Illuminati Immortals, Cloning, or the Gene Pool?

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Here is another installment of comparative photos between famous celebrities and their doppelganger from a previous life. I must say some of the pictures are very compelling. If you compare bone structure symmetry, ears, and eye shape you will agree these are a pretty good fit. This does not rule out relationships to the same gene pool. I remember traveling in Mexico and meeting a nice couple.

They both had dark hair and eyes while their daughter being pushed in the stroller had blond hair and blue eyes. Genes are a mysterious cauldron of codes where ancient combinations are probable to manifest in the future. Are these actors really immortal? Are they part of an Illuminati cloning cult? I try to keep an open mind because while some of these comparisons are not a match, some appear to be spot on.

You be the judge… 

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of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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