The Sorrows, Disasters, and Moral Decay

The Sorrows, Disasters, and Moral Decay

Is it a coincidence as the world turns away from the Word of The Most High the weather is becoming more extreme? Is there a connection between record-setting natural disasters and the consciousness of the people? Finally, is the earth responding to the inhabitants of the earth as a disease against the laws of nature?

Yes, these are deep questions but we must consider a potential connection once accepted by ancient cultures such as the American Indians, who referred to the earth as the “Great Mother.” Is she lashing out at her children for turning against nature and spiritual laws she willingly follows? I have noticed as we become more liberal as a society, we are constantly turning away from sound spiritual doctrine.

If we look at the world transforming speech of George W.H. Bush, announcing to the world it is time to carry out a “New World Order,” changing not just global politics but nature itself. Is it possible the earth is opposing the collective will of the people? This is also suggesting the earth has its own consciousness and is aware of us and in communication with the Creator, Himself!

We only have to respect the recording setting two and a half mile wide tornado in Oklahoma to realize the weather is progressively maturing into a weapon of mass destruction. It appears the connection between the Government and the behavior of the people are causing record-setting disasters. If the record-setting heat index is a reflection of the boiling temper of The Most High, we can expect it to continue to rise.

What will be the effect of the ubiquitous support of same-sex marriage on the earth? Will major cities become victims of major earthquakes? Will the Sun become increasingly agitated and finally direct a mega coronal mass ejection at the earth? Frying the power grid and turning our nuclear power plants into our worst nightmare. Maybe this was the plan all along — to turn nature against the people?

Luke 21:25

“And there will be strange signs in the sun, moon, and stars. And here on earth the nations will be in turmoil, perplexed by the roaring seas and strange tides.

I admit this is major speculation on my part but I do not believe in coincidence because for every cause there is an effect. It all begins in spirit and even the earth knows this. As many of us become dissatisfied with the destruction of Biblical laws in our society it seems the earth is having her say on the issues. It is clear our biggest enemy is our-self as people and as we allow the moral decay of our society to thrive, we are turning ourselves into jugs of milk — with expiration dates.

If you ever read the Book of Enoch you will find during “The Last Days” the Angels are instructed to unleash terrible winds upon the people of the earth. This proves that The Most High uses His creation as His weapon against humanity. We are seeing more of the horrific aftermath of the horrible weather and we can expect more. The problem is as one Facebook user said,

“Humans wrote the bible- not god. The bible is bullshit- sorry don’t mean to offend but all those bullshit versus used to support your argument to discriminate against or support the discrimination of certain people I have to call it what it is.”

this was in response  to posting Romans 1:20 to illustrate the Word does not support same-sex unions. As you can see if the Word does not support the lifestyle it is attacked, dismissed, and devalued. People do not believe they are accountable for their actions and as in the days of Noah, people lived their lives oblivious to a giant arc being constructed in their community.

The major issue about public awareness to this extreme weather is syndicated media is not connecting the dots nor promoting something is wrong with the weather.  Maybe I should say, something is wrong with the people? Now because of the striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act we are going to be able to gauge the anger of The Most High through natural disasters! This is an exciting time to be a watchman — as long as you do not get caught up in one of those tornadoes!

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Michael Erevna

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