Mayan Prophecy Return of the Gods, Now?

Mayan Prophecy Return of the Gods, Now?

Much to the doomsday prophets (profits) chagrin the erroneously publicized end of the world, December 21, 2012, scenario past without the destruction of the earth. The irony is — the Mayans never said it was the end of the world. This was nothing more than mass media conjecture opening the door for exploiters like Patrick Geryl, to sell a book on how to survive 2012. The true prophecy of December 21, 2012 is unfolding like a pop-up story read to a child at bedtime.

According to the Mayan prophecy everything predicted is coming to pass and most is unbeknownst to the general population. This was because this prophecy was never allowed to be spoken of in the mass media. I am sure you know three corporations control all of the media outlets in the old USA! Let’s take a look at the Mayan prophecy and see if it was spot on.

The Mayans said, as we closed in on December 21, 2012, we could expect the following scenarios to manifest:

  • Extreme global changes and weather
  • Breakdown of the money system
  • Global social unrest
  • Transformation of human consciousness
  • Return of the gods

I submit to you all of these predictions are happening right now. We are seeing record setting earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and heat waves. These earthquakes are so powerful they actually speed up the rotation of the earth! Countries have been deluged with rain causing record breaking floods and causing entire communities to relocate. Oklahoma recently suffered the onslaught of a record breaking tornado more than two miles wide and the heat wave is baking central America with heat records every week.

The global money system has broken down so much the people are rioting. Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy all had way too much debt and economies have been destabilized to the point of collapse. The USA claims the economy is on the upswing but unemployment is still dismal. People can no longer afford to buy homes so the renters market is booming. The US Government never did explain what happened to trillions of dollars unaccounted for in the books! I could on and on about money but you get the point.

Global unrest has been on high-speed for sometime now, has it not? We could look at “Arab Spring” which should be called Arab spring, summer, fall, and winter! The Occupy Wall Street protest certainly deserves mention and we can not leave out Libya where the leader, Gaddafi, was pistol whipped, pimp slapped, stripped, murdered and dragged through the street like cans on a just married car. For the first time in history there is global unrest. I am not mentioning Israel because that place has always been a hot mess but again, you get the point.

Now here is the most debatable of the prophecy — the transformation of human consciousness. This is going to be a very subjective analysis because this topic is not covered in the news. Are the people beginning to have a shift in consciousness? In my opinion, the best gauge are my parents. They are both at least 26 years older than me. Suddenly, they have become aware of not just the dark-side of the powers that be but the light-side of spiritual truths. Basically, I am saying we are on the same page in our analysis, thought process, and spirituality. If this is any indication than consciousness is expanding and being experienced across generations. In essence, in my immediate sphere of influence consciousness is being transformed!

Now for the final prophecy — the return of the gods. We need only to tread through ancient history throughout all of the known cultures to realized the gods are the ones who descended in ships of fire or light. Each culture has a story of advanced beings who descended from the sky and in some cases were good and some very horrible. I do not want inundate you with every known civilization but here is brief list of some of them who have these star beings or fallen angels in their history: Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans, Cherokee, and Maori.

Now here is the rub — these UFO are appearing all over the world in plain view and sometimes on the news — accidentally! They are conspicuously appearing in broad daylight and in front of large crowds. You do not hear about them on the news because the three corporations who run the news do not want them covered. They keep descending lower and lower and one day soon they will land. What we will see can only be deduced from reading the ancient eye witness accounts. In some of the ancient accounts there were giants while in other accounts they looked like us!

As you will see by watching the video, something is happening in our skies, yet the media is celebrating the birth of Kim Kardashian’s child. What does this mean for our civilization? Will you be ready to spiritually discern what is happening? Will you have the ability to have perfect access to information within yourself? Or will you be fooled into walking down the wrong path?

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Michael Erevna

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