The Devil in The Last Supper?

The Devil in The Last Supper?

Who knew creating a mirror image of “The Last Super” would reveal so many esoteric images? Jesus would appear to have the “third eye” a lion-esque face and is wearing a pennant with a man’s face with a crown. Author and YouTube producer Danny Wilten, (The Vatican Orion Nebula Connection) has dedicated his life to revealing  cosmic connections to 15th century Vatican artist. The results of  mirroring “The Last Super” is clearly not a stretch based on the work of Wilten. 

The mirroring creates a new set of questions to the intentions of Leonardo da Vinci. The Vatican financed a re-imagining of the holy mother and child. The original sculptures and paintings were of an African origin. Did the departure from the original mean a deviation from the truth? Did Leonard da Vinci have the last laugh by masking occult symbols into the painting or was he directed? Many families across the world hang this piece in their homes. 

To see the mirrored painting rife with pyramids, the third-eye, and even the baphomet symbol is alarming. Some will argue Jesus also represented hermetic knowledge because it is steeped in truth; however, the Bible is a departure from all things occult and repudiates it. The Vatican again is being linked to occult activity with this new mirrored discovery of  “The Last Supper.” I would recommend to all who hang this painting in their home to take it down. 

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Michael Erevna

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