South of Yucatan Fireball: Strange Humanoid Shape

South of Yucatan Fireball: Strange Humanoid Shape

Last week a strange meteor burned through the skies south of the Yucatan last night, alarming residents of a small humble community. According to witnesses it fell 300 kilometers from the commissary and there was mass panic in the air. It illuminated the night sky in brilliant blue and green colors. The following morning investigators tried to determine the material of this meteor. Current analysis stated the meteor’s composition appears common and like the recent barrage of fireballs, it deteriorated before impact.

Further evaluation is in progress to rule out radioactivity which could be detrimental to humans. The community is claiming ownership of the strange meteor fragments and does not want it taken away.  The residents entrepreneurial spirit is telling them this could turn the small humble community into a tourist attraction.  Because there are no mountain ranges many other villages witnessed the fireball and they too are curious about the meteor.

People in the village hope to sell bits and pieces of the meteor — including the dust. Strangely, no one mentions the humanoid shape of the meteor. We are not sure if the meteor fragments were stacked this way or this was a complete piece of the meteor. We can expect more of these meteors on a daily basis. There is an upswing of meteors or fireballs and we will keep you posted.

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