Pyramid of the Sun, Silver Gate, Navy Yard Murders

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The Navy Yard shooting is another chapter in the seemingly senseless murders of innocent people by another gunmen with a history of a psychotropic drug protocol. The shooter Aaron Alexis entered the Washington DC, Navy Yard complex on September 16, 2013 and began shooting between 8:50 to 8:20 am. He killed 13 people before he was shot down. As the rest of the media opines over the “why” of his motives there are clear patterns between many of these mass killings.

Let’s take a look at the following:

  • Psychotropic drug
  • Ancient star-gate
  • Heard voices
  • Possession
  • Ley-line

The Associated Press reported Alexis had been treated at the Veterans Administration for mental health issues. Aaron Alexis, 34, had been treated since August by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems, the officials said. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the criminal investigation in the case was continuing. The Navy had not declared him mentally unfit, which would have rescinded a security clearance.

Being off the drugs can cause depression symptoms to worsen. What really captured my attention is the claim Aaron had heard voices. We just recently published a piece titled, “Olmec Helmets, Microwaves, and Head Games” and it addressed microwave technology used to plant thoughts in a person’s mind. There is actually a patented technology to do this exact thing! Perhaps, Aaron was truly hearing voices?

Next, the common ancient “Silver Gate” star-gate known as the back door of Heaven was overhead during the massacre. If you have been following this site you would know either the Golden or Silver gates have been over many of the massacres. Out of 88 constellations we have 2 which our commonly over the massacres. The “Golden” is the way in and the “Silver” is the way out. These are the openings to the transport systems into the spiritual world. 

These possessions coincide with these gate systems to hijack energy and souls into the spirit realm. This is part of the spiritual war we are in and it is not the first time.  If you read the Book of Mark you will find in addition to miracles the battle of Jesus was against the unseen demonic world. These conscious demonic entities used humans as the host to handicap or hinder them or drive them to acts of violence. Jesus could see  them from afar and even stated there are different kinds of demons. One in particular could only be removed by prayer!

We are always ready to quickly dismiss testimony from the shooter like Aaron when he stated he heard voices. The question is was it a result of demonically inspired microwave technology are pure demonic interaction? The gate was overhead for a reason and there is another piece to this puzzle. This massacre location was on what is called a ley-line. This is the natural energy grid of the earth.

Think of a grid based subway system running across the earth. There is a ley line which runs all the way to the Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun and it was used for blood sacrifice by the Aztecs. There are pictures of these pyramids with a beam of light emanating from the capstone of these ancient pyramids. There is a connection between these murders and these pyramids. There is also a connection between opening portals and blood.  This particular pyramid was aligned perfectly with the tip of the horn of Taurus. This is also known as the Silver Gate!

Why was the blood spilled by Jesus Christ so important? There is a spiritual property in blood and within this blood an imprint is carried. The imprint of love acts as key to opening a gateway while the imprint of fear opens a different gate. These massacres are allowing spiritual entities doorways into our world. This is why you are seeing more and more video of “light” ufo in the skies. They are not ships they are actual entities!

Pyramid of Chichen Itza used to illustrate beam of energy from capstone

Elnath at the tip of the left horn means “The Wounded” or “The Slain”

These shooters are carefully selected prior to the shootings. This is based on their locations and their state of minds. The psychotropic drugs allow possession to be simplified because of the chemical alteration  to the neurological pathways. They become easier to control and possession can be long term. Ask yourself while none of these shooters were known Believers in The Most High. There was no spiritual protection for them. 

In summary the post investigations of these mass murder/suicides tend to focus on external evidence. Rarely, if ever are the commonalities linking the patterns exposed by the media. There is a spiritual footprint with links to our ancient past. Star gate systems commonly known in ancient times are frequently the cosmic witness to these murders. Out of 88 constellations the same two are frequently aligned over the murder site or come into alignment during the chaos. This is a clearly defined pattern. 

Pyramids built on ley-lines and many massacres on same ley line. Coincidence?

We are able to judge the fruit of these events by the aftermath. We have star-gate alignments, possession, mass murder, and then suicide? What does it all mean? It means at specific times the earth is in a position relative to a star-gate where the blood spilled from these murders will act as the “key” to a door. Out of it, pour spiritual beings who have been described by Ephesians 6:12, as dark spiritual forces from heavenly places. We can not see them but we know they exist because they are the same demonic entities Christ cast out of people. Remember there is nothing new under the sun.

The final piece and the most compelling is this massacre shares the same ley line as World Trade Center, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing massacres! All leading to the Pyramid of the Sun. We know for a fact the Navy Yard massacre coincided with the alignment of the Pyramid of the Sun and the point of the horn of Taurus. This is EXACTLY the point known as the Silver Gate. Remember you learned this at and spread the word! Because knowing these variables allow us now to be on guard during these times. The demonic world needs our blood to activate these star gates. More is coming stay tuned!

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  • HI Michael, your statement…”The psychotropic drugs allow possession to be simplified because of the chemical alteration to the neurological pathways.”…was like clear bell ringing in my head. Drugs and alcohol of any kind, in my studies, will cause what the Bible declares as a “reprobate mind”, “debased mind”, “depraved mind”, “deranged mind”, etc. I’m linking this state of mind to what we call today as psychopathic/sociopathic behavior. These Bible terms I quoted are used when ever there are statements concerning God’s abandonment of a person or people. So clearly it is that, as you say, “…none of these shooters were known Believers in The Most High…”. These shooters had to have been abandoned by God even if only temporarily while under the influence. And, logically, if God withdraws His Spirit at these times, then surely, without protection, something sinister can come in to that person.

    And, it’s really cool how you make these connections with gates and portals and ley-lines. Stuff I know very little about. That Google Earth graph blows me away. I’d have never thought to make that connection.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Lisa,

      I am in a state of elation and your words are a confirmation. We all support each other in this war and it lifts OUR spirits. You are so correct with your intuition and interpretation. This is a ground breaking connection because now we know for sure how they work! If mankind truly knew the purpose behind these pyramids they would be dismantled forever.

      I feel like this discovery can protect us and should be EVIDENCE of the spiritual war to non believers.Think about the planning it takes to pull these massacres off with no one knowing! Now we just need to share this with EVERY ONE who will listen.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Where are you Lisa Jo?!?!?

      • Am right here waiting for another article. You’ve been somewhat quiet these days?

        • RevelationWatcher

          I just posted one a couple of days ago. I put the FORUM up and when you join I will make you a moderator. You just make sure everyone is playing nice. If someone is getting really abusive, you ban them or spammers. You are like a forum sheriff. I have to slow down on posting because I need to give my stories a chance to take root. I was posting to quickly I have been told.

          • Oh hi! I be happy to give it a try. I was thinking that if the articles came out too fast then the conversations in the forums might get going too fast to keep up with? I can devote time everyday, most days, but not all the time. Would I be moderating a particular board? All of them? And what’s your policy on cuss words as colorful linguistic phraseology?

          • RevelationWatcher

            Anytime you give is ok, no pressure here. I guess in the beginning all of them with me. I am not a big fan of profanity as a noun! Just adjectives and adverbs, participles, and past participles. Every now and then but no pirates!

          • Got It!

  • moorsense

    i just left this story on and they deleted it! they are censoring this story. why? it is probably true and that site is controlled by a government agency. you are most likely being watched.

  • Joey P

    Its weird, but the Nickelodeon cartoon show, “The Book of Korra”, mimics this ‘Illuminati’ elite agenda perfectly. The show is complete with evil spirits, spirit gates being opened and new world order agendas.

  • Lisa Anne

    just a quick word, As I know scripture, God does not abandon us per-say, Rather,we as a people, abandon God. Turning away from His mercy and omnipotent love. Therby, leaving an open portal for other entities to enter.

  • Scott Schiepek

    Have you checked out

    Enterthe5t4rz on YouTube? He’s made videos on ley lines used for evil ends (he calls them “Lines of Death”). Here’s one of his more recent videos on the subject:

    You may want to browse the rest of his videos to see if you can pick anything up. Not all of his work makes sense to me, but I understand enough to make it worth following.

  • Dorothy Cannon

    Got to thinking ley lines and certian sites being in connection with them and found this site .Not into the old religion statements that much not knocking it just like to look at stuff from a scientific way ,Liked the article but will keep digging know theres a reason the goverment is not talking about the Sandy Hook massacre .Alex Jones had a guy on investigating it and he came out with some interesting things and questions that no one wants to answere thats in charge .Will check out the other stuff on here as well .Thanks for posting your stuff and will repost it on facebook .

    • Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I agree with you many people today cling to 2,000 year old thinking. We are living in a time where science is now able to explain Biblical truths.

      I have been called “New Age” just because science has proven energy is the fabric of matter. It is what it is. There are truths in many different research areas and we must find them.

      Thank you for your appreciation.