The Ley Line Monument Project

The Ley Line Monument Project

Since speaking on Hagman & Hagman radio I have been overwhelmed with questions regarding Ley Lines. I am happy people are receptive to understanding this component of star-gate activation and blood sacrifice being orchestrated upon the unsuspecting public. Most if not all ancient landmarks like the Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of the Sun, and Stone Hedge were built on Ley lines. This imbued these ancient monuments with energy and the question is for what purpose? 

Stargates, Assassins & Massacre locations Hagmann, Quayle, Michael Erevna

What we have been to learn is ancient Greek temples were able to capture comic energy and send messages around the world. In our grand arrogance as a civilization we have discounted the fact the ancient world was not only more advanced than us but eco-friendly. Even the stones used to design these monuments have attributes which conduct magnetism. This shows a conscious choice of what type of materials to build on a Ley Line. 

We even have examples of a person who was able to build enormous constructions from the very same stones used by the ancients during our epoch in time! His name is Edward Leedskalnin and he built what is known as Coral Castle — by himself. Again we see a monument which was constructed on a ley line. This is evidence the ley line location is part of the ancient building process!

We must remember ley lines are subtle and quite natural energies of the earth. If you are familiar with “dowsing” you will understand this is a detectable energy by non-technical means — just as searching for water. The ley line grid was taught to mankind by the fallen angels in order to serve their needs. As we begin to re-discover the ley line energy grid of the earth we are seeing a direct relationship to pyramid cultures who worshiped the fallen angels and sacrificed humans to the gods.

Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel-work of nature.

– Nikola Tesla

It was said the pyramids once had crystal capstones for concentrating the ley line energy like a laser beam. (A laser beam aimed to hit what target?) We also know the pyramids were aligned under different star constellations. This makes ley line grid, the earthly energy system interacting with cosmic energy. What happens when the two energies meet at a point? Now we are getting into areas the fallen angels knew the outcomes! 

Perhaps ley line energy is captured by ancient monuments and creates a circuit with star energy? We must consider the possibility the ley line plus pyramid system was specifically designed to open portals into our dimension. This is why ancient monuments were designed with a gargantuan intention to interact with the stars. Maybe, keeping these ancient monuments intact also influence the minds and behavior of the world through possession? These are concepts I would only know if I were an angel!

We do know now there is a pattern between some massacres, specific ancient gate star systems, ancient monuments, and the ley lines. All things need energy to move — all things. The ley line grid is like the neurological energy grid of the earth sending electro-magnetic pulses between points — in a state of constant motion. Were those ancient cultures who referred to earth as “mother-earth” correct? Is the lava the blood and the ley line the neurological system? We are now at a point in technology where we can actually move things with the electrical impulses of our minds! If we can open and close things such as a robotic hand with our minds, can the same be said of earth energies directed at a stargate?

Let’s move on to some basic tools we can use for ley line research. On the Hagman & Hagman radio show I asked folks to identify stadiums based on the occult ritual performed in plain view by Beyonce, in last year’s Superbowl. There is now a link between the Silver Gate and the ritual performed by Beyonce.  The next day after the interview I received the following email forwarded to me by Steve Quayle.


I was listening to Hagmann & Hagmann last night and really appreciated your
interview with Michael Erevna. In it, he asked if people would submit any
information regarding leylines which run through professional football
stadia. Since I live in Atlanta metro, I checked the Georgia Dome and found
a link on the web that shows a ley line that runs from Mexico up the east
coast. The link is

The description of this leyline is as follows:

“NEW ORLEANS & The SuperDome are about 43.14 Miles from the 188 GREAT
CIRCLE LEY LINE that goes directly thru TEOTIHUACAN, Sandy Hook, Washington
DC, Georgia Guidestones, Rockefellers, the WTC, Hiram 18, Druid towns of
Atlanta, Baltimore Ravens stadium, FALCONS Dome and Stonehenge, as well as
near Buckingham Palace, Rothschilds, CERN, Diana’s car crash in France,
Bilderbergs, and the TEMPLE MOUNT/DOME OF THE ROCK.

So when you realize these LINES radiate energy and are about 1/2 a degree
wide or about 38 miles (which means the SUPERDOME is ON THE LINE), how can
anyone call this all a coincidence?”

Would you please forward this information to Mr. Erevna? Thanks so much and
thanks for all your work. I really enjoy your books.

Sincerely in the Lord Jesus,

Bob Jones IV

I intuitively sensed these stadiums are on ley lines which proves the builders were instructed to build on this ley line.  I also believe the sonic energy of the crowd is captured and routed in order to complete the blood sacrifice rituals. We are basically being used without our consent. This is what I call a psychic rape of our energy which is used for nefarious means. Sadly, we need only to mark and remember the massacres on ley line 188!

Here is a plan to aid us all in our research. Let’s use Google Maps to create a library of ley lines and  monuments. Below you will find an example of ley lines and you can see Coral Castle on a ley line. There is obviously a science behind this and also an occult driven strategy using them. Please review here: Create Google Ley Line Map.  Email the link back to us by using “Contact Us” and I will build an online database. Below are resources to expand your understanding of ley lines and the link to our ancient past.

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