Dahboo777 and Enochian Magick Connection!

Dahboo777 and Enochian Magick Connection!

I have followed the video channel of Dahboo777 for many years now. Even after YouTube closed him down he popped right back up (rather quickly) and uploaded hundreds of videos. I have marveled at his commitment to the truth movement and often wondered how a man who admittedly works 12 hours a day could produce so many videos. I would jokingly refer to him as the “energizer-bunny” of YouTube.

Over the years we would exchange emails from time to time when our content resonated a common theme. I thought he was a supporter of the Bible when occasionally he would speak on Biblical themes. He would speak about Christ as if he is a follower but his behind the scenes behavior is a contradiction. As of recent I messaged him a few times through YouTube with no response. For some unexplainable reason he ceased responding to me. 


Enochian Magick and Tarot of the Bohemian connections to Dahboo777


I realized if he was filled with the Holy Spirit his words and actions would be in conformance with the teachings of Christ. He would act lovingly to his fellow brother and resonate that love from within.  His behavior would not be diametrically opposed to the Holy Spirit. It was then I began to question not only his motives but his role in this spiritual war. 

Dahboo777 presents the news and intellectual property of other people. His focus is mostly on the fear generating news and the global breakdowns in society In essence, he perpetuates fear energy and plants it in the hearts and minds of his subscriber base. He behaves as if he is breaking the story when 99% of the time this news has already been published in various medias. This is the nature of his channel. 

My last message to him I even admonished his racist undertones in one of his videos. In this particular video he produced; a woman took a picture of President Obama dangling a banana in front of the face of President Obama.  Dahboo777 stated he found this so amusing. It was another red-flag to the psyche of Dahboo777 not being in conformance with the Holy Spirit. You see racism is a form of division and another gateway to conflict in order to divide the people. After bringing this to his attention I still received no response from him. 


1 John 4:8

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.


I shared my Dahboo777 experience with a Pastor friend of mine. She had some dealings with him and we were both alarmed as Dahboo777 produced a video called, “The Origin of Man.” Here he began to drift further away from the spiritual lessons in the Bible. Dahboo777 is poisoning the minds of his unsuspecting user base because he is allegedly about truth. I will briefly address the sources Dahboo777 used to turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse and by that I mean his video, “The Origin of Man.” 

When it comes to researching you will find countless books on ancient civilization regarding Sumeria or Mesopotamia by many authors. I am finding the research of these authors regurgitated as the presenter’s conclusions. Most of the information Dahboo777 is espousing in the “The Origin of Man” was originally published by Zecharia Sitchin in many of his books. It was said Sitchin was one of one-hundred and twenty three scholars who could interpret Sumerian clay tablet cuneiform.

The problem is many scholars have questioned and negated some of his translations. There is also an issue of having to read Sumerian cuneiform through Assyrian glasses. Meaning mistranslations will occur and there is not a consensus within the archeological community regarding the validity of the translations. The biggest hole in the “The Origin of Man” presentation was the complete omission of the Book of Enoch. 


Dahboo777 promoting aliens/angels created the human race


This book is just as old as the Sumerian clay tablets this Dahboo777 is attempting to decipher yet he left it out of his “ground-breaking” video epiphany. Without true spiritual knowledge the humanization of spiritual perspective is inevitable. How can you leave the one book out that breaks down the origin of the spiritual rebellion? In my opinion it represents irresponsible detective work to leave this book out or it was left out intentionally. 

The Book of Enoch shares with us the angelic intentions and the aftermath of these angelic beings who intervened into the affairs of mankind. The fact is mankind was already here before the Book of Enoch account and the Sumerian cuneiform. In essence before any one group descended to the earth mankind was an already constructed being.

To suggest we were created by the angels who came to earth or the Anunnaki is irresponsible or a concerted effort to perpetuate disinformation. There was in fact evidence of genetic tampering as we are experiencing in modern times. The Book of Jasher tells us about genetic manipulation between mankind and the animal kingdom. By not including these books in your research it is like attempting to complete a puzzle with missing pieces. There is nothing worse than ignorance except passionate ignorance regarding beliefs based on faulty research. 

If you read the story of Noah you are well aware of the genetic preservation of mankind.  The Most High addressed the subversion of His genetic recipe called man by saving just the pure genetic code of humans on the boat. Did this really happen is here nor there but it certainly addresses the concept of genetic preservation.  Furthermore, this spiritual war we are experiencing is not about flesh and blood. I found when you lack spiritual discernment you begin to humanize everything. This is the wellspring of fallacy when it comes to synthesizing research. 

If you are not filled with love and practice the example Christ left for us then this is exactly the type of antichrist video you will make. Then attempt to celebrate the fact you have found the truth! Your words and actions are a refection of your spiritual state. If you are not practicing the principle of “loving your neighbor as you love yourself” how can the Spirit of Truth fill you with insight? If you behave one way publicly and another way in the dark – what does this say about your character?

Christ left us the example of creating a connection with His Father. Once the connection is made we are capable of amazing things. We must first earn the right to make this connection by living our lives in conformance with the spiritual principles taught to us by Jesus Christ. Once we have mastered love of the Creator, of self, and each other, a spiritual chain reaction will occur inside of us. Those who speak his name and live their lives in contradiction to this truth are nothing more than antichrist. 


Isaiah 47:12

“Keep on, then, with your magic spells and with your many sorceries, which you have labored at since childhood. Perhaps you will succeed, perhaps you will cause terror.”


The Most High sends me answers when my heart is troubled. He does not like His children to despair about spiritual things. Today my pastor friend sent me a video which blew my mind.  It builds a link between the chosen online moniker of Dahboo777 and an Enochian magick phrase. What are the odds a so called truther chose an occult phrase for his name? 

When you see the correlation between Dahboo777 and the occult definitions and mappings within the realm of occult spells you must come to one conclusion. This man is not representing the Kingdom of the Most High. Jesus tells us you can not serve two kingdoms! Dahboo777 is serving the kingdom of the occult and the Word warns us not to have anything to do with it.  I have come to the conclusion the purpose of Dahboo777 is to keep people externalized as opposed to internalized. He keeps you focusing on paper tigers and separated from walking the path Jesus demonstrated for us. 

What solutions does Dahboo777 really provide? He is a fear based finger pointer who emphasizes conflict in order to produce fear energy. It is said the demonic kingdom feeds off of the fear energy of humans. Dahboo777 turns people into mini-biological fear production stations; polluting the energy grid of the earth with fear energy. He has shown me by his behavior he is not filled with the Holy Spirit. 

This can not be an accident his chosen name is a derivative of Enochian magick! He is part of an occult spell being cast through the Internet in order to spread fear and distract the people from seeking the kingdom within. Whether or not he is aware of it is inconsequential and the fact remains he is not  a remnant of the Most High. I am sure he will be telling you to open your pineal gland next.

In closing, we have a voice of the alternative media which has connections to the occult. Perhaps, his name is evoking a spirit in order to spread fear and implant itself in the subconscious of the observer. It is no accident he chose this name and it appears it was carefully selected from Enochian Magick. In fact, over his YouTube Channel lifetimes each of his usernames are steeped in Enochian Magick or Tarot of the Bohemian.

Anyone who is following him is subjecting themselves to possible occult science. I am sure if he is called out he will attempt to explain it away but it will not change the facts. Again, what are the chances he would pull a name out of the air which is steeped in occult magick? Ironically, Dahboo777 says, “Eyes open…”  when signing off and that is exactly what the Most High is doing for His children in the last days. Can you say busted?

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