Putin Picked a Pickled President

Putin Picked a Pickled President

Although, Secretary of State, John Kerry claims all options are on the table when it comes to the Ukraine some are not. Kerry will not be fooling Putin with threats of military engagement. Putin knows the US Military is over extended in the Middle East. The cost of the war in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) is exponentially rising while you are reading this number: $1,518,728,225,678! This is the cost to the US taxpayers. The Middle East war cost is in a constant state of flux ratcheting upward at a consistent and phenomenal rate! (See the cost of the Middle East wars in real time)

President Obama is in a tough position with no European support on sanctions

The US Economy can not handle another war especially with a country which has the resources, manpower, technology, and will to scissor kick America in its wrinkled star. Putin is worried about the US as much as a cook fears a fly at a cookout. Logistically Russia has the upper hand and Putin is well aware of this. If President Obama attempts to utilize existing resources in the Middle East it could cause a backlash of radical Islam at various targets. You can not even bring up a nuclear option with the Russians because they too can play Battle Ship.

Let us discuss what will happen. President Obama will coordinate negotiations and sanctions against Russia with the United Nations. The European countries relying on oil and gas from Russia will easily stall and say I would like to pray on it or can I phone a friend? When they return they will submit their own suggestions to stonewall the entire sanction efforts. Meanwhile Putin will implement military contingency strategies and stop the Ukraine from flirting with the US. Putin claims he is acting under the authority of the ousted Ukrainian President who was illegally removed from office without due process.

Putin makes some good points

Russia is a major player in the stabilization of all of the economies in Europe. These are economies the American dollar wrecked and now the US is going to suggest they risk the rebuilding of their respective delicate economies. America is going to learn a lesson through this negotiation exercise and that is America is no longer calling the shots.  He who controls the black gold runs the world. The best America can do now is catch some wood on the bench and ride this one out. Putin knows Obama wants to reduce the standing Army, the war is financially breaking America, and there is a new deficit budget hearing looming.

President Obama is also trying to push through $56 billion dollars of spending in 2015 to create new jobs and improve the health of the economy over the next 10 years. His plate is already full and he will send Kerry out to be the whipping boy with the Russians.  Just pop some popcorn and get ready for a lot of talk.  The European countries have already agreed as a reprisal to cancel the June G8 Summit in Sochi.  After seeing the accommodations in Sochi I am sure G8 Summit attendees will have a good cry in their cornflakes.

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