What is the Reptilian Theory?

What is the Reptilian Theory?

When most people are introduced to the reptilian theory they look at you like you are Bigfoot. Many people do not have a foothold on the ancient history regarding the “seed of the serpent” or the telltale signs manifesting in plain view today. In short, the reptilian theory sounds fantastical and most people think you have watched one to many sci-fi movies in your lifetime. The purpose of this post is to frame the theory and to address disinformation on the subject.

First let’s address what the reptilian eyes are not. I am not sure how the confusion began regarding the reptilian eyes but the best example is Justin Bieber. Many researchers mistakenly promoted a video segment of Justin Bieber being arraigned in court. In this vide the eyes of Just Bieber appear to change and appear holographic. This phenomenon is caused by digital pixelation when data packets are interrupted to the image mapping. This can be caused by a number of reasons including: broadband interruption, packets being dropped, software interruption, and even an electrical fluctuation. 


The point is the Justin Bieber case illustrates what reptilian eyes are not! Now this is what you look for if a person has reptilian eyes. You must look at the pupils of a person. The normal human pupil is round and dilates (gets smaller or bigger) based on lighting conditions.  The reptilian pupil is not round and it appears as a slit. It is similar to the slit pupil of a snake but not a perfect match. You can see these slits in not just video but photographs as well. 

Many observers will state the slit pupils are a result of lighting and in some cases I will agree. This is a difficult argument in day light photographs and even in video. There are many high definition videos of humans with the reptilian pupils where video pixelation is not the culprit. In these videos just the human pupil is manifesting as a slit. There is absolutely no pixelation and the picture is in a perfect state. 

Now you should know exactly what to be looking for when it comes to reptilian eyes. Now unless a person has a medical condition known as “coloboma”, slits for pupils are not a normal human condition. In some cases of coloboma the pupils seem to bleed out from the slits and require medical attention. When you see these people with the slits let’s rule out coloboma because with prominent people their condition would be publicized. Now the question is healthy slits for pupils is not a completely human condition then what are they?

Here we can rely on the ancient accounts to build a case as to what exactly we are dealing with; no matter how subtle the differences will be. According to ancient records the world worshiped serpent beings. Some people will say this is symbolic but according to ancient testimony these beings walked, talked, and had sexual relations with women. Meaning there is a genetic line of human serpent hybrids. These serpent beings were considered royalty among the human race.

If these ancient accounts are true it could explain why we are seeing some humans with pupils that are like slits. It could also means these hybrids have additional abilities normal humans do not have. The hybrids will have a different nature than a human and different responses to external stimuli. If we look at the fact many of the hybrids we are seeing assume some type of social power. Whether it be in a political circle or a powerful corporation they yield great influence.

This suggest a collusion in organization among them and an agenda. Ask yourself this question does the world seem like it is getting better or worse? How would you rate the moral fiber of America?  Everything we are experiencing in the world right now is by design. These hybrid leaders are part of the direction we are being collectively navigated and with every plan there is a beginning and an ending.

Right now the best way to detect them is through the pupil. There is also evidence there is a transformation to the skin from human to reptilian. I have seen this but in my opinion it is not the strongest evidence thus far.  The strongest is the slit pupil and explaining it away is not easy. I received pictures from a woman who took pictures of her husbands eyes. In this picture his eyes appeared oval but not slits like a serpent due to the lighting.

One of the best pictures to illustrate this point is a picture taken from the United Kingdom publication Telegraph.co.uk of Queen Elizabeth. The picture was registered with the Associated Press and has not been photoshopped in anyway. It clearly shows the left eye of Queen Elizabeth as a slit. This picture gives credence to the alleged statement from Princess Diana the royal family are actually reptilian hybrids. 

In closing you should now know how to differentiate between an accurate reptilian eye association with a human. The Justin Bieber case illustrates digital pixelation around the eyes and other videos you will encounter. The Queen ELizabeth II picture shows you a perfect example of what to expect. Her left pupil is the evidence of a particular person who does not suffer with coloboma. Even if she did suffer with coloboma the pupil would be more distorted and could have a shape like the State of Florida! 

The ancient accounts tell of serpent beings who walked and swam among humans in the ancient past. They also had sexual relations with women and procreated with them. If these accounts are accurate and the interpretation of them is correct then there must be a hybrid genetic code floating around the human population. It is critical to understand the ancient accounts of these beings in order to predict the future expectations of them. Make sure to look deep into the eyes of people because you never know, you might catch a slit or two.

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