Johnson Removes Johnson: Story of Self Castration

Johnson Removes Johnson: Story of Self Castration

This is has been a strange week of observations and reporting. First, I was watching the Cartoon Network with my sons and I see cartoon characters that appear to have penis noses. Days later rapper Andre Johnson, cuts off his penis, mutilates his testicles, then leaps off second story balcony. Needless, to say I have had enough penis stories in one week. This particular one is disturbing in many ways. Andre Johnson, is in a rap group called “Northstar” managed by Wu Tang founding member RZA. You have have seen RZA transition from rap music to television and film.

Andre Johnson, goes by the name “Christ Bearer” in the rap group and this is just disturbing in itself. This is a classic case of using a title associated with Yeshua in vain. If you look up the definition of vain you will see the following:



  1. having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.

What are the ramifications of being an egomaniac? You separate yourself from seeking the Kingdom and you definitely will not be born again. Johnson, removed a hedge of spiritual protection from his life. He poisoned his body with blunts, liquor, and maybe even hard drugs. He was not able to discern between fantasy and reality. There was no inner voice to warn him from danger even when he was a danger to himself.

It also says volumes about the people he associated with and why there was no intervention, if he was exhibiting signs of mental disease. I took note of the fact the witnesses says he was not on “hard drugs” meaning he was on some drugs. Most likely marijuana which can be laced with cocaine to embalming fluid to angel dust. It will be interesting to see the toxicology reports if they are ever released.  

Exodus 20:7

Do not take the name of the Lord in Vain

I did find a hypocrisy in the main stream media this week as well. A woman in Florida, Terri Frana, was attacked and mauled by a black bear. She called on Jesus AND had a conversation with Him yet this part of the story was omitted by most networks in mainstream news. When Johnson cut off his “johnson” the main stream media made a point to mention he was yelling, “God is everything!”

The media is all about shaping the perception of the observer. In this case, to be believe God is everything can lead to not just being delusional but to severing your own penis. The Terry Frana, case could have shown the world the reality of Jesus yet this part of the story was suppressed. There appears to be a double standard where editors/producers decide what is God worthy.

There are many sad, disappointing, and regrettable elements to this story. It is sad Johnson chose to never seek the Kingdom within and chose a moniker that associated himself with a title set aside for holy men. There was a spiritual warning against this practice and most likely removes spiritual protection. It is disappointing he chose to mutilate his genitals in the name of God because the Most High wants only the best for us.

Finally, Johnson will have to live with regret and never having his penis. Perhaps, his life would have changed down the road (we all know the story titled “Footprints”) and he met a good woman and wanted to start a family. Without testicles he will be forever chemically altered and have to rely on drugs for testosterone. There are so many other medical issues he could now be a candidate for and this is all regrettable. 

There is no man reading this post who would want to see a man and (most cases) his penis separated. It is my hope after a week of being inundated with stories of black bears and penises that I will not be subjected to these topics for at least a decade. We must collectively come to the conclusion there is an imbalance in the media when reporting on Christ. We must also pray even more for people who allow themselves to be unprotected in a spiritual war. Think about it like this, at the end of the day, you might just be helping a man keep his “johnson.”

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