Prayer to Jesus Saves Woman from Bear Attack

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The mainstream media is negligently reporting on a woman who was attacked by a bear and dragged to the woods. The woman, Terri Frana,  left her (Lake Mary, Florida) house to call her children inside after seeing two bears rummaging through her trash. This is when one of the bears (at least 200 pounds) charged her. She said it all happened so quickly there was no time to react. The bear clamped down on her skull which required 30 staples to her scalp and 10 stitches to her forehead.

The 911 call to the police in Seminole County, Flordia

Her young son called 911 when his mother escaped the clutches of the bear. What the mainstream media is not sharing is the fact Terri prayed to Jesus for escape. She stated while in the jaws of bear and being dragged into the woods she prayed and heard Jesus speak to her! Terri said, “I literally heard Jesus say to me, it’s O.K., you will be at peace with us.” Terri replied, “Please, my kids need me.” Then the bear released my head. She let go of my head, and I knew I had to get up off that ground and get away. Otherwise, I was not going to make it.”

“I literally heard Jesus say to me, it’s O.K., you will be at peace with us.”  Terri replied, “Please, my kids need me. Then the bear released my head.”

– Terri Frana

I would like to address the fact none of the news videos I have seen even mention that she prayed to Jesus and was immediately released! They were not interested in the fact she testified she heard the voice of Jesus. You would think that would be big news, right? This is what I call a “Christ-Wash” because His involvement in this unbearable (pun intended) bear attack was purposefully omitted.

How come the major media outlets and their affiliates would not share this with the public? The power of Christ manifest blatantly in this woman’s moment of need. It shows the reality of Christ but the media emphasized the growing bear problem and trash. Christ is so hated He can not even get a shout out for saving the day in a bear attack. Haters ‘gonna hate.

Seminole bear attack victim: I prayed and heard Jesus tell me I’d be O.K.

The Terri Frana case presents a wonderful opportunity to illustrate the power of prayer. I recently had a commenter on Revelation Now claim I rarely offer solutions except “prayer.” Now you are seeing the fruit of prayer. It can be immediate and it works. Terri, was in a dangerous situation where she had no time to intellectualize her predicament. She went to the Lord with a pure heart and perfect clarity of intention.

Her “ask” to Jesus was to live for her kids! It was so sincere and powerful Christ caused the bear to open its mouth and release Terri. This should be a lesson for all of us. If our hearts and intentions are aligned with the Kingdom it creates a connection to the Most High with immediate results. She is going to live the rest of her life now not just believing in Christ but knowing Christ. That is a big difference and will represent a marked evolution in her spiritual journey! We should keep our eyes on Terri because through this unfortunate trauma she has been transformed in spirit.

In closing, these editors and television producers who have omitted the Jesus element from this story should be ashamed of themselves. This was Terri’s experience and it is news worthy. It also shows us a broad spectrum of Christ bias spanning across media outlets where “Christ-Washing” is common.

Terri, is an example of the Most High is always watching and available to us all. It is with the clarity of intention and pure emotion we connect with Christ. Terri, became a successful prayer warrior at that moment. In the clutches of a 200 pound black bear, she used spiritual wherewithal, where she called in a spiritual promise from Christ . . . Jesus saves. 

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Cory Garcia


    I have much respect for your work, though the nature of the name “Jesus Christ” is an area of study that I have been compelled to pursue and, thus, it is my obligation to try to clear this up for people. This is something that I take very seriously so please take this in to consideration.

    Would you agree that it is important to know our Messiah’s CORRECT

    Saying words out loud is how physical things are manifested and invoked in the spiritual world. Words are extremely and indescribably powerful, therefore the seed of the Serpent does not wish for us to ever know
    and use the most powerful Name in the universe. This is a nice heart-felt story that you produced and I do believe that it is in the power of our Messiah to answer to those who call to Him without actually knowing His Name, though, there is a far greater power given to those who earnestly search for His True identity. Now, Mike, I’ve seen you use the Name “Y’shua” before so I know that you are familiar with where I am about to go with this. I don’t mean any offense by what I say and, in fact, I would highly value your opinion on the matter if you would be so kind as to reply with your thoughts. The important thing to realize is that our time is now running out and our voices must be loud.

    “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” ~ Proverbs 27:17

    We are two men on similar journeys. If you see something about this message that you do not agree with, please, let me know so that we can BOTH strengthen our iron and sharpen our swords, which is the Word of Yah. Few men have the courage to debate the name of our Messiah. Now, I’m not asking for a debate (unless you want to). I’m just asking that you provide your thoughts on this matter which, of course, I have the utmost respect for – the issue in question and your opinion.

    The Father, IAUE, pronounced “Yah Huw eh”, or “Iah Hu ah”, usually spelled by people in English as Yahweh – began thinking the thing to be
    created, then the other spirit with Him, in complete understanding, took that thought, all the instructions and detail, and SPOKE the thing thought by IAUE (Yahuweh) The Father, and it CAME INTO BEING, or manifested in actuality.

    Here’s the truth: We are from “I A U E” (Iahuweh, Yahweh, YHWH): we come in Yah’s name, or Yahushua’s (Y’shua for short) name, – who most
    have been wrongly taught is named Jesus. But no, this is the lie – the Great Deception of our time. We were created by IAUE (Yahweh) whose Son’s name is His Father’s, which is and always was, Yahushua. “God” or “Lord” is not a name that He goes by. It is a title by which Satan is very pleased to answer to.

    The Name, when deliberately mispronounced, is an attempt by men who follow flawed traditions originally inspired by the enemy to hide the
    true name(s) because in knowing and using in truth and spirit the True Name of Yah (including the name of Yah-shua), we will benefit greatly and we will come to a greater understanding of our Yah-given potential in His plan. I speak from experience Mike. ‘They’ do not like this, so they HIDE His real name. To negate someone’s name on this earth is to refuse to allow his or her identity, and is to try to remove their identity from them, to obfuscate the real I.D. of that person, or to mislead, and can also be done for an insult to that person, to lessen the importance of or to degrade the dignity of that human being. Am I wrong to assume that the Creator and His Son have been offended by this?

    There is nothing EVEN CLOSE in any pre-Constantine (321 A.D.) extant Biblical texts that can be translated to coherently resemble the name “Jesus”. The tenth (Roman numeral X – a symbol for the Solar Christ)
    letter (J) was the final addition to our English vocabulary. The letter “J” and its sound did not make its way into any human language until 1633. If we say that we will ignore His name and instead feel free to insult The Father IAUE and ignore His instructions for life and worship, and substitute a solar diety’s name (Hesus, Esus, Zeus/Iesus/Jesus, Deus, Dios (Dionysus), Osiris, Helios, Theos, and Apollo are all very similar in purpose; even the Messianic title “Christos” is Solar-deity related) in His name’s place, supposedly in “honoring” him, is a very-very-very serious thing to do and should not be taken lightly.

    Most will run away at the sight of this information. The few who are brave will challenge it. The Creator himself has invited us all to examine, search, explore, and reveal His Word. The Messiah knows that those who sincerely do this with a humble heart, and those who do this with their soul intent on truly discovering the Truth; those will indeed discover Him. Our Messiah does not fear our examination of His Word, nor does He condemn it – it is not anathema! In fact, He provided the ultimate platform, through the Bible, to facilitate our contemporary examinations of Him. For these reasons – and many more -, I am thoroughly convinced that through the study of Yahushua and His written Word we can find out who we are, how we came to be, and where we are going. The very purpose of my life, and yours, is found in the person of our Messiah. And thankfully, He has invited all of us to examine the compelling evidence of who He is and what He has planned for us.

    • Cory,

      I did not forget about you today. My Internet was down and the cable company fixed it later in the day. After reading through your comments can I suggest we Skype?

      I think it will be much better because you wrote A LOT!

      My Skype is:


      • Cory Garcia

        Just sent you a contact request

    • In my humble opinion, it is the FAITH by which the name is invoked that is more important than the specific name of God that is used.

      Obviously there are limits to this, however I’ve often noted that as our perfect example, Jesus is the most humble person you will ever meet. He answers the prayers of children who know nothing at all about theology or names or this or that… they simply ask in FAITH.

      That said, I think it is GOOD for us to learn as much as we can about God, His names, and the meaning of each. Every time Yahweh revealed Himself in a new way in the O.T. it was packed with meaning relevant to the situation. For that matter, Jesus did the same.

      But at the end of the day, I believe Jesus answers the prayer of FAITH, even if we don’t know the absolute best name to call Him.

      • Cory Garcia


        The point that I am making here is that “Jesus Christ” is a solar deity name – an ANTICHRIST name. The facts cannot be disputed on this and, thanks to the internet, we are no longer without excuse for not acquiring this understanding. “Jesus Christ” has no Scriptural basis. People may think that it is “Jesus” answering their prayers, but this may not necessarily be the case. What greater deception could there be if Satan were to present a “false antichrist”, only to make his own appearance with his own title of “Jesus”? Certainly, many would be deceived. I attached a link to “I Pet Goat 2” that you should watch. The key is to believe none off what you hear and very little of what you see, praying that you will not be decieved.

        “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” ~ 2 Corinthians 11:14

        It must also be remembered that Satan has the power to appear to be divine, working what appear to be the miracles of God. When Moses appeared in Pharaoh’s court, the miracles God had enabled him to do were mimicked by the court magicians who worshipped the fallen angels; when Aaron (Moses’ brother) threw down his rod as God had told him to do, it was transformed into a ‘serpent’. But the Egyptian sorcerers were able to duplicate his trick. They threw down their rods which also were turned into ‘snakes’. It was only when Aaron’s ‘serpent’ ate the ‘snakes’ that the true Master was revealed.

        “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.” ~ Acts 17:30-31

        “For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner.” ~ Acts 26:26

        • Hi Cory,

          I’m not familiar with the solar diety background of the name, that’s new to me, so I can’t really comment on it at this stage.

          That said, I fully agree that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and is in fact quite happy to use the name of Jesus (or any other name that he thinks will impress). One need only look so far as the new age movement (and its various tentacles within Christianity) to find quite a few people referring to their spirit guide Jesus, or “master Jesus” or other names of that nature, and yet in the context of the story it is clear they are not interacting with the God of the Bible. Additionally, there are numerous people who believe they ARE Jesus, and He said Himself that “many shall come in My name, saying “I am Christ” and shall deceive many…”

          But keeping that in mind, is there anything preventing Satan from using ANY name of God in the same manner? He is after all, the father of lies and deception.

          In my view, a bigger distinction is in HOW the name is used – not the names themselves. If used in an occult (spiritually illegal) means, then one will by default contact an imposter.

          I’ve seen that Pet Goat video before, it’s pretty twisted.

    • Michael

      Thanks for this Cory.

      I can personally attest to the difference between using Yehoshua and Yahweh versus names like Jesus and God. Not only that, I can testify to the power of hand gestures such as crossing. I used to constantly suffer from sleep paralysis due to my sexual sins. For those not familiar, SP is basically a demon choking and holding you down in your dream. If I wasn’t a Christian, I most likely would have been possessed.

      In defense, I would call on God to help me, and the demon would eventually left. A few years later when I was in SP, I instead used the name Yahweh. This rebuke seemed to be much more powerful than using the name of God as it felt like it burned the demon off. I have also tried crossing to the same effect.

      It makes me wonder what kind of knowledge has been suppressed by Satan. Interesting note about crossing is that it is generally seen as a Catholic gesture (and some traditional Protestant denominations like Lutherans), but if you dig deeper into Christian history, you will find the early founding figures would cross as well. I am not saying faith is not important. It certainly is. But I think the body and spirit must work together to produce the best results.

      In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

      James 2:17 (NIV)

  • Chris

    I would be interested in your response to this, either in comments or a post? I understand if it’s not really your area, but I am probably not the only one who would be interested in at least a summary response. Thanks for your time!

  • Christine Chiomento

    The idea surrounding what name we should use when addressing our Lord and Savior is something I came across awhile ago–that poor lady, Terri, was in dire straits and it was just a pure gift of God Almighty that she had the presence of mind to call out to the Lord asking for His help that way–and, she addressed Him as “Jesus”–in that moment, God saw into her heart, not into her mind alone, and knew to whom she was addressing her request–that is why Jesus answered her and helped her–if she had been Spanish, or French, or Russian, and called out to Him in one of those languages, He still would have responded, is what I mean–

    –when I was in dire straits myself many years ago, and realized my own life was in serious jeopardy, I was so filled with fear at that moment, all I could do was utter, “Lord help me!”–the next moment I, too, heard Him say to me, “He will never touch you!”–and, instantly, I knew in my heart I would be alright!–so, the Lord didn’t even hear me address Him using the name His own mother used to call Him–all He heard was “Lord”, from me!–He told us that His sheep would know His voice, and, so, He must also know ours! 🙂

    Romans 10:13 (KJV)
    “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”