I Am Legend, Batman vs Superman, Ebola?

I Am Legend, Batman vs Superman, Ebola?

Many independent researchers are aware of synchronicities in movies and current events. Some synchronicities happen (in reality) soon after while others can take decades. The most infamous of these synchronicities is 9/11 which was produced in many movies, cartoons, and rap albums years in advanced of that dreadful day. Some believe these synchronicities are part of a conjuring while others believe it is a way the elite communicate in plain view. There are an overwhelming number of these synchronicities and it could be art imitating life but there appears to be a precognitive element to them.

The latest case is 2007 movie, “I am Legend” where Will Smith is a military scientist fighting for a cure for vampirism. It was caused by the cure for cancer inoculation which decimated the human population. The world stage caught a similar scenario this last week when a Vancouver pharmaceutical company produced a serum which slowed the progression of the deadly ebola. In fact, this drug known as “ZMapp” has caused their stock to soar 40% since the news broke. It was formally never tested on human subjects before…hmmmm.

Now for the synchronicity in the movie “I am Legend.” There is a movie billboard in post apocalyptic New York where you see the “Batman vs. Superman” logo. Again this movie was released in 2007 which gave me great pause after hearing Christine Legarde ramble on about numerology and the IMF regarding the “Magic 7.” As you can plainly see 7 years after after 2007 is 2014. Through the “info-tainment” news network we have been inundated with controversy regarding Ben Affleck taking over the Bat mask and cowl.

We can not forget the bloody trail left by the “Dark Knight Rises” with connections in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut. The Batman seems to be not only connected roughly to ancient Egypt but to things of the soul. To have Batman rear his pointy ears around Ebola should give all of us researchers a second look. I expect this post to be expanded on through YouTube video and other writers in the blogosphere. It would also be nice to be occasionally “sourced” by writers/producers with some spiritual integrity!

Anyway, I digress. After years of researching this very subject I can conclude when we see Batman an invocation can not be far behind! The dark spiritual forces are more than happy to orchestrate mass death on the spiritually narcoleptic human population. What are the chances the producers of Batman vs. Superman would adopt the same logo from the billboard in “I am Legend?” Was this the only way to go with this logo?

Now let’s get back to ebola. This viral disease has a high mortality rate: often between 50 percent and 90 percent. Yet, President Obama opens the screen door of America and allows the infected into the US. Another one of his questionable moves as President. What happens now is we wait and see how it spreads within the borders of the US. There is always a “monkey” that escapes with ebola and spreads it to a passenger on an airplane or a daycare center.

In closing, we have another cinematic synchronicity where “art” is imitating reality and this time syncs up with a deadly virus. Again, we have Batman introduced which many believe acts as a trigger for manchurian candidates planted throughout the world. Finally, we have a new pharmaceutical company who might have the “cure” injecting it into humans without FDA approval. This sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster. Now we just have to wait and see how this turns out and remember keep your eyes on certain stars. By that, I mean the ones in the cosmic canopy. 

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