The Hollywood Serpent Seed Machine

The Hollywood Serpent Seed Machine

I just had a fellow researcher shoot me a video you all should see. I had some of this footage in a post titled, “ALERT: Tare-able Silent Invasion In Progress” but this YouTube producer has spliced together some compelling footage of even more Hollywood actors. Again, it shows us something strange about the pupils of these “people.” By that I mean, these serpent seed the Bible discusses and addresses. Genetics are very important to the Most High to the point he advised His people who to mate with and who NOT to mate with.

It was also extremely important the Son of God be born into the genetic line of David. Why are genetics so important to the Most High? Because there was a pollution of genetic code at one time which called for a wash and rinse of the earth. Post the flood, were continued warnings about the “seed of the serpent.” The Word is very accurate and if the Word is warning of a serpent seed then we should be vigilant.

When it comes to these Hollywood actors who receive praise and worship like an idol we must question this “elite” cult of entertainers. Which of them praise the Most High? When do they speak of the teachings of Christ? Show me an “A” lister who is a cheerleader for Christ. What they do is glamorize their work and parade around the world representing materialism. There are countless blogs which speak of rumors where actors are involved in satanic activities . . . including the drinking of blood.

Many people will attempt to debunk the video and that is a good thing because once we eliminate the obvious we will be left with the truth. The majority of people are unaware the majority of the ancient civilizations worshiped serpent or dragon beings as gods. There are stories of these serpent beings mating with human women because once you go snake you never go back . . . they won’t let you. Even the Word tells is Satan is the god of this “age” in 2 Corinthians 4:4. 

An age is period of about 2,000 years more or less and you can see the decline in the moral code of mankind and the liberal departure from godly values. When Moses was alive he said, “I am the ram” and the earth was actually traversing through the constellation of Aries. When Jesus walked the earth he said, “I am the fisher of men” and the earth was traversing through the constellation Pisces. We are now traversing through the Age of Aquarius . . . the water bearer.

These actors are the leaders of this movement as well. I will never forget watching the movie “Blow” with Johnny Depp and he told the South American drug cartel to give the cocaine to actors because then everyone will want it. Also, Cypher from the movie the “Matrix” after betraying Morpheus asked Agent Smith to put him back in the pod and make him someone important like an “actor.”

Is it unfathomable to believe the seed of the serpent needs this same influence to change the Word of the Most High in the hearts and minds of men? While everybody else is arguing about the seed of the serpent and calling it heresy or blasphemy people are asleep to the possibility of the Biblical reality. What do these actors really do for the world? Are they actually making it a better place? They have been turned into monuments of glorification while behind the scenes most act like Eddie Murphy’s skit about the “real” Gumby.   

The bottom line is the Most High used the word “seed” for a reason. It means its own kind, brand, or species and it is different than His creation. So who created the seed of the serpent? The Word has clearly connected this seed to Satan and the Fallen ones. When they left their first estate they left the Light and we all know we are products of our environment. Even deep sea life evolves in darkness in the most inhospitable environments. Meaning the DNA code changes to survive in the new environment. The Word calls them dark forces for a reason. Although this video is not the highest quality we need to locate higher definition video so we can refute the naysayers and turn them into Disciples of Christ. Because these Hollywood snakes mean business.

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