Witch Katy Perry for Super Bowl XLIX Show

Witch Katy Perry for Super Bowl XLIX Show

What a shocker the powers that be have tapped Katy Perry to be the featured act for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show. She obviously shares her body with a powerful demon and will be the perfect occult handler for the free energy from the crowd. We should not be surprised after her many links to occult symbols in her “art”; especially after her Grammy performance where she recreated the “Witches Sabbath!” Ironically and synchronistically I just posted a story about her not even 5 days ago.

Katy Perry is being used because there is a powerful demon inside her. If you listen to the backmasking on her “Dark Horse” song you will clearly hear “Satan” and other lyrics directed at Satan. She is the pied piper of young people instilling the values of: sexual freedom, immorality, rebellion, and witchcraft. Her occult methodology is music and video which to the sleeping and spiritually blind masses are oblivious. Notice how the satanic machine has dimmed the star of Lady Gaga while keeping Katy Perry’s star brightly lit?

The most blatant occult ritual was Katy Perry where even Stevie Wonder probably said, “Damn!” Katie’s performance is actually traceable and is the smoking gun of the night. This was a performance also known as the “Witches Sabbath” and it means Katy was not the only witch in the building. She was just the witch on stage while the others participated by dancing and energizing the ritual. Her single “Dark Horse” was actually the spell being cast and the lyrics obviously have a role in the spell.

Michael Erevna on Katy Perry’s Grammy performance

This Super Bowl will eclipse the viewership of the last Super Bowl and Katy Perry’s fanbase will be part of it. Her demon coupled with her feminine energy will fuel the occult ritual with a different outcome. Last year Bruno Mars’ and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s were tapped to evoke war and global Christian killing. I labeled 2014 the “Year of the Blood” and I was not wrong! Christian killings are up from last year and we have the occult created ISIS living up to their threats. This was the merging of the occult spell into reality.

Katy Perry’s ritual will most likely be of a more sexual nature. She will harness the energies of the planets and open the “Silver Gate” where we will see an increase in public sex. I hate to paint this picture but I see horny demons pouring out o f the “Silver Gate” into the bodies of the unsealed. This ritual will be about increasing passions and sexual energies will be harnessed. She will represent the spirit of the goddess whose power was infused with sexual lust and fear.

Katy will be the feminine fused with last years ritual. We can expect her to have symbols associated with the goddess of the ancient times. Perhaps, even a “Queen of the Universe” theme while promoting global unity under this motif. Whatever the case it will be meticulously planned out to resonate the points of the spell. We have to wait and see who else she will be aligned with on the stage because they will all play a role.

This Super Bowl performance will leave so much evidence and the dark forces in heavenly places do not care. They have successfully flipped the moral fiber of the super power America. The under current of America is now liberalism where consensus drives change no matter the spiritual consequences. Katy Perry is the perfect choice for the occult ritual since they already tapped the witch Beyonce. The Believers in Christ can certainly pray against the ritual this time around and we must recite the right Psalms to block there plans. Who knows it might put us in the same boat as Nineveh?

In closing Katy Perry will be the actor witch in this season’s NFL halftime show where her demon will manipulate the spiritual mechanics. We also know what variables to focus on in order to read the spell before we are blinded by the occult science. The many people already swimming in the Kool Aid will be none the wiser; but those with the eyes-to-see and the ears-to-hear will experience this with eyes wide open. We are close to the spiritual tipping point but our prayers can and will make a difference. The worst fear of these dark forces is that we join together in prayer against them.


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