Lucifer Flies Over Entrance to Hollow Earth

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You will not hear this story on the mainstream news but today begins the flight of an asteroid named 1930 Lucifer (from Oct. 11 – 23rd) over the North Pole. What makes this exceptionally interesting is this asteroid will be over the entrance to the hollow earth. This particular asteroid was discovered on October 29, 1964 by Elizabeth Roemer at Flagstaff (USNO). You have to wonder why she named this asteroid Lucifer especially when it traverses over the entrance to the subterranean region of the earth.

3D illustration of 1930 Lucifer asteroids]

Interactive GoogleMap of Shadow Path

Could this by a celestial taxi for celestial beings? I often wonder about why the “Heaven’s Gate” cult made the connection Hale-Bop was a vehicle for their spirit bodies. Is this Lucifer asteroid event a harbinger for something major about to occur? To be honest this particular astroid occultation raises more questions than answers because there is not much information on it. What is strange is you will not find one YouTube video on this particular asteroid.

Rare image of the North Pole entrance, taken from the Space Shuttle


I am not one to chase these asteroids like ELENIN or ISON where doomsday prognosticators peddle and profit from fear based reporting. I am a bit miffed there is so little information or hoopla regarding an asteroid named Lucifer flying over the earth. Where is the alternative news comet and astroid chasers on this one? Please allow me to pontificate on 1930 Lucifer and the potential symbolic meaning.

After this asteroid passes over the gigantic entrance to hollow earth will we see major global changing events? Perhaps, a cataclysmic global change? Could this be an over looked sign watchmen are missing? We also cannot discount the fact astrotheology plays a role in the dimensional understandings of Biblical knowledge. Take for instance the planet Venus which is linked to “Lucifer” where its inferior conjunctions with Mercury form a pentagram.

1930 Lucifer Occultation Metrics

On the numerology  side of the fence we have 1930 which adds up to: 1 + 9 + 3 + 0  = 13. I wonder if this asteroid was spiritually coded this way so we recognize it as an important sign. I feel as if I am grasping at straws on this one because there is so little information on it. Perhaps, there is a reason for the lack of information and exposure? If it was not for the perseverance of one our readers this story would not have been released.

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  • sharon oliveria

    This Is Good Maria, You & I Have Talked About This, With Your Name Being The Same, It Must Be That Spirit Of God Led You To This To Be Revealed To The World,I Agree It Appears To Be Liken To Port Hole-Star Gate For The Evil Demons To Be Delivered To Earth For A Last End Time Battle Between Good & Evil, God & The Devil Much More Should Be Given To God’s Researcher’s In This Field,There’s Something To This It Will Be Revealed Praise God He Revealed This Much To You & Your Stead Fast Pressing On, We Will Help You Tweet & Pass It On Jesus Blessing’s & Protection Blood Of Jesus We Pray Over You & Family In Jesus Name

    • MaRia CoNcHiTa

      Sharon, hey good morning. Hope all is well.. Thanks for commenting..

  • MaRia CoNcHiTa

    Michael the links are removed….????

    • Revelation Now Staff

      What links?

  • MsMaRia805

    Yup, if you click on some of the links I posted on Facebook and even on this story here that you wrote are no longer available!…