Blonde Bieber Rocks Babylonian Goddess

Blonde Bieber Rocks Babylonian Goddess

So every time a celebrity does something like wears a new dress or changes their hair color it becomes national news.  This is the case with Justin Bieber who has now changed his hair color to blonde. Yes, folks as sad as this is this was “major” news. It is not just the fans of Bieber tracking his every move but the mainstream media. 

What the  mainstream media did not disclose nor focus on was the fact he was wearing an ancient Babylonian goddess known as Ishtar around his neck. This particular goddess is known as the “Mother of Harlots” because she is the inventor of prostitution. This is the same goddess was bastardized with the Resurrection through “Easter.” She is also associated with fertility eggs and she is the ancient model for the Statue of Liberty.

Bieber made a conscious choice to wear this goddess as an accessory. It also lends credence to the allegation these Hollywood folks are worshiping ancient deities and are opposed to the Most High. I remember having doubts about Bieber’s eyes changing when he was arrested in a satellite video. I no longer have these doubts because he is obviously down with demonic elite. Many of them are like this because I have witnessed Rachel Ray wearing horned demonic jewelry as well.

They are no longer hiding and showing their allegiance  just as a Christian who wears a cross.  It is obvious the fans of these demonic artist are oblivious to who the artist truly worships.  Bieber has been financially rewarded for promoting a spirit of rebellion fueled by drugs, sex, and demonic inspiration. There is nothing else really to say abut this once you know: Scripture, Archeology, and demonic history . . . it is what it is. 

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Michael Erevna

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