The Planetary Ramifications of Christ Defeating Satan

The Planetary Ramifications of Christ Defeating Satan

Since CERN re-fired up their super conducting cables the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been in the cross-hairs of independent researchers. And rightly so, I might add! CERN has a relationship with the planet Saturn with their not so subtle selection of art and other motifs. Whatever the true purpose of the LHC it cannot be good because it is veiled in secrecy.

A planetary analysis of the effects of Christ’s death in human form

If you are a regular on this site you know I frequently connect common anciently revered constellations and planets to earthly rituals. This very connection I have commonly illustrated in my Super Bowl halftime show research. Every part of creation is being used in this spiritual war and this includes the stars and planets. To omit them from any independent research findings is a bit short sighted.

The video I am featuring is narrated by a brother from “across the pond” as the Brits say. I tip my proverbial hat to his independent video productions. I have never encountered a planetary explanation on the effects of Jesus Christ laying down His life for us. It brings credence to the fact ancient cultures assigned personalities to the planets making them sentient.

A journey into how Saturn/Satan controls the earth and humans

There is more to the planetary roles intertwined with our reality than we have been taught. How was Saturn identified as the “Father of Time?” How was this discovered and universally accepted? Christ has universal knowledge and ours pales in comparison to His. Angels are also known as stars so there is a celestial component to them as well

My point is knowledge of planetary laws and the effects on our reality is not universally understood. We do know all of it is a part of His Creation. If our moon is known to influence moods and behaviors then what about Saturn? Is it possible this planet is responsible for our perception of time?

We must stop being distracted by the Jade Helms and Ebola monkeys because there are bigger things going on. As believers of Christ and followers of His ways we are directed to question everything and prove all things. This is one of them and I dare say a huge insight into our Creator!

I applaud this video because this is not something you will hear in the pulpit (a word that always amuses me; to get ‘pulled’ in a ‘pit’) or church service. It makes us realize how the Most High used the solar system to create our reality. Finally, it shows us how AWESOME the Christ is and how magnificently brilliant He is. Now you will question more and more what the LHC is really about! Peace be with you all!

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